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Apr 12, 2006 05:26 PM

Decent sushi in Simi Valley

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Another few days spent in Simi Valley, and this time I found another decent place to eat. Hai Sushi on First Street isn't half bad. The maguro, hamachi, saba, and unagi were enjoyable, with the latter being especially good. The hirame was pretty tough and chewy so I'd recommend avoiding that. I tried some shrimp tempura and california rolls and those were pretty good too (they would seem hard to mess up, but lots of places manage to do so). They also had some interesting specials like lobster sashimi and live shrimp but I didn't try any this time. The portions of sushi are very large, and the rice isn't quite perfect so a few pieces of nigiri fell apart.

But all in all it was by far the best sushi I've ever had in Simi and one of hte best restaurants meals I've had there. It's up there with my other recommendations like Don Cuco's, the taqueria on Alamo and Tapo Street, and the Thai place on Los Angeles just west of First. But, like all of those, these are only places to eat if you must eat in Simi. Under no circumstances am I suggested hounds travel to Simi Valley to eat at these places, nor stay to eat at them if you are willing to travel into the Valley or other areas of Los Angeles. Actually, Don Cuco's may be a slight exception as I think it is excellent enough to forgo a trip into the Valley for sit-down combo-plate Mexican. Although I still wouldn't say it's worth traveling into Simi Valley for.



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  1. I was out in Simi on Saturday for my neice's softball game and stopped at Hai sushi. I really dig the spicy yellow tail rolls, giant clam sushi and white fish sashimi with ponzu sauce. They also have this combo roll which is spicy tuna, spicy yellow tail and salmon I think, it was gooooood! This place is actually closer to Sinaloa and LA Ave then 1st street.

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      Are you sure we're talking about the same place? The Hai Sushi I went to has a legal address on Los Angeles Avenue, I'm guessing because it's in that huge shopping center at L.A. and 1st. But the restaurant is actually facing 1st Street, pretty far away from Los Angeles. In fact, if you were traveling east on Easy street and cross 1st into the shopping center, it would be at the left end of the first row of buildings you come to.


    2. Go to The Oaks on LA & Sequoia.

      1. Hai is definitely a great place to get sushi in Simi. my other recommendation would be Tomo's, but I haven't been in a while. Oaks isn't just sushi, they do teppan as well, but I really enjoy the monkey brains there.

        1. I used to work in Simi Valley and went to Hai Sushi a few times. Very good quality sushi.

          I worked right next to Sakana Sushi (2941 Cochran St) so I would go there with co-workers maybe once a month for about a year. Good quality sushi at reasonable prices. They always have different types of fresh fish so ask the sushi chefs what's fresh for that day.

          1. The very best place for sushi in Simi Valley is Sushi Koy on Tapo Cyn. at Cochran, right around the corner from Jon's Market. Jimmy always has the freshest fish, everything is always top-notch. I've been going there for 10 years. I've ventured out to other sushi bars in Simi and end up back at Sushi Koy every time.

            Beware, the place is tiny. I think the bar has 10 or 12 seats. There are several tables, but it's a bit cramped. This place is great for the sushi lover. If you're looking for ambience, though, you'll be hard pressed to find that anywhere in Simi!