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Interesting uses for frozen strawberries. (No smoothies, please)

I have a lot of good quality but slightly past their prime strawberries that I threw in the freezer earlier this summer, thinking I'd use them for smoothies. Only the smoothie-drinker in the house has gone off to college. Any other ideas? I don't feel like ice cream.

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      Thanks. I often make banana bread to use up old bananas, so this is perfect.

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        This strawberry bread is very good. You can throw bananas in there as well or make it in muffin form.


    2. I sometimes use frozen strawberries as ice cubes in ginger ale. As they thaw, I mash them up a little bit with my straw to get the full berry flavor.

      1. Yogurt parfaits! Top with granola. Yours will be better than any fast food versions.

        1. I throw frozen fruits in any kind of bread. Strawberry muffins, strawberry pancakes, strawberry waffles, etc.

          1. Make some lovely Eton Mess or Strawberry Fool. How about semifreddo? Or you could use them in a strawberry sauce, coulis or puree. Heck - you could even make a fruit leather out of them!

              1. A clafoutis! I made one with mixed frozen berries last winter and it was absolutely delicious.

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                  Of course. I always think of cherry clafoutis, but I should try berries for a change.

                2. Lazy option: Thaw them, mix in some vanilla yogurt. This is my go-to work snack. I put the frozen berries in a container in the morning, and by afternoon they're thawed.

                  Or, cook them with some orange juice, puree them, and use either as a sauce (on ice cream, pound cake, etc.) or mixed into seltzer or ginger ale.

                  1. in a triple berry crumble served hot with ice cream
                    strawberry daiquiris
                    blended up for a salad dressing
                    maybe in a stuffed pork loin?
                    fruit punch sounds great
                    made into a fruit syrup for pancakes or french toast?

                    1. You can make a strawberry rhubarb tart or a mixed berry pie.

                      1. I've used frozen strawberries to make jam with no problems. Since I'm also almond-obsessed, added a bit of that flavoring, and it was a hit. Imagine a handful of blueberries would be good, too.

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                          Strawberry with balsamic and black pepper is one of my favourites. I also like adding orange zest and juice to strawberry jam.

                        2. I set aside this strawberry yogurt semifreddo when I saw it because it looked good to me. Made with greek yogurt and frozen in a ring mold.


                          I also thought this parfait looked good, made with unsweetened coconut milk.


                          1. Sprinkle with sugar, then drizzle with kirsch, framboise, grand marnier or another fruity spirit, then let thaw. Stir gently, then serve over angel food or vanilla pudding.