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Sep 21, 2011 03:11 PM

Hillel's Kitchen at Tulane

Totally random, I know but I saw their menu and it looks awesome so I was wondering if it really was. Has anyone been? Oddly, I asked a number of students and no one even knew that the Hillel Center had a kitchen.

Here's their menu if anyone's interested and no, you needn't be Jewish to eat there:

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  1. Wow! I wish they had this when I went to Tulane!

    1. I went a few weeks back. A nice space, but the burger I ordered was horrible.

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        It's pretty good, with some peaks and valleys. The felafel sandwich is very tasty, and a rotating list of specials often has interesting items as well. I can recall sampling a beef/potato/chickpea stew, an eggplant & portabella sandwich, as well as pretty good fish tacos (grilled, not fried).

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Just in time, there's a quick write up by Ian McNulty:

          I'm going tomorrow to check it out and will post.

          5129 Canal Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70124

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            Just had a fish taco and a black bean tostada for lunch today...both were well above average for collegiate food. The place was empty, as everyone's studying for midterms.

        2. I am going to ask my Tulane student daughter and report back.

          1. Ok, this is a bit late but I did try it out and as others reported, it was more of an "eh" than a "wow." I went with a large group so we were able to sample quite a bit. I had the lamb BLT, which had 4 incredibly wimpy, skimpy, slightly charred pieces of lamb bacon on a somewhat doughy bun that was supposed to be a caraway seed rye but was oddly missing the caraway seeds. The bacon covered half the sandwich, maybe. Disappointing. The duck prosciutto and fried bagel also suffered from skimpy meat portions and the bagel was kind of small but still nice and chewy. The burgers were also a big miss: small, overcooked, disappointing.

            The Thanksgiving leftovers-style turkey sandwich was good though, and didn't skimp on the meat as my sandwich had done. The fries were a hit with the crowd, who liked the spice mix on them (I didn't actually try any). The veggie sandwich was reportedly tasty but featured awkwardly large pieces of some veggies, like the eggplant (which was about an inch thick), that made it more of a fork and knife kind of deal. It was also unexpectedly cold given that the name was grilled veggie and not marinated veggie or just plain veggie. The hummus and avocado sandwich was also awkward because of the large amount of hummus that kept oozing out. Again, tasty but awkward. The hummus and pita were nice and featured crunchy pita chips, which was unexpected but still good. The matzo ball soup just was. The pickles were really good though and I'm pretty sure homemade.

            Don't ever try to go at a peak time because they can't really handle it. The kitchen appears to be staffed mostly by college kids with little guidance. Despite advanced warning of our coming en masse, they still screwed up orders and seemed overwhelmed by all of us. Also, again, despite advance notice, we weren't warned about their Rosh Hashannah payment policy. They couldn't charge us that day because of the holiday and so they took our credit card info by hand and charged us Monday and mailed back our receipts. I understood why but they prob should've explained that.