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Sep 21, 2011 02:36 PM

Verandah Sunday Brunch Questions

Finally we arrive on a Saturday rather than a Sunday which gives us an opportunity to try Verandah for brunch. Curious about price, food choices, how far in advance I need to book.


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  1. Reservations are recommended but not needed more than a day or two in advance unless have a very large group or need a very specific time. Try sitting outside; very pleasant even on warm days (they have fans and shades.....I ate outside in August and was surprised at how nice it was....). There is a buffet there on weekends, but you can also order off the menu. The Huevos Rancheros are supposed to be surprisingly good...but when I was there for brunch I saw corned beef hash on the menu and couldn't resist. It was delicious! Plenty of choices......Most of the brunch entrees were in the 15 dollar range if I recall.....The buffet is around 35 dollars a person, but of course includes all the juices, coffee, etc which will bring up your a la carte price. However, I must say that I found the a la carte menu much more interesting than the buffet...

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      Thanks for responding.
      I did reserve (way early) just to have it off my list of reservations for when we are there next month.
      I did ask for outside. Will do the buffet am sure just to try it out.

    2. Huevos are a must. The buffet is very good, better than most on the strip but no where near the size and mass. But what they prepare, they prepare well. But do not expect too much from the buffet, it is, after all, a buffet. As janet mentioned, the corned beef/pastrami hash is really very good, probably the best I have had in LV. If you get there before 9am you should be in good shape, and again as janet mentioned, sit outside. One of the most peaceful ways to start a day in LV.

      1. Go for the menu options as opposed to the overpriced buffet. That is the best advice I can give you.

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          Well am back from Vegas, and wanted to share our experience at Verandah. I should have listened to all those who advised not to expect much from the buffet. Made reservations in advance, were seating outside (as requested) immediately. It was absolutely lovely and service was top-notch. But in the end, we did choose to order from the buffet only because the options looked tempting. While the food was tasty enough, everything we put on our plates was not hot. From the eggs benedict to the hash browns, a just warmer than room temperature. That was the biggest disappointment of the buffet. The highlight for my husband were the tiny donuts they make fresh with various toppings. Those were warm and a bit too yummy.
          BTW I did notice those who did order off the menu had a very long wait for their food.

          if we go back, its a la carte for us.

          1. re: breezey

            btw when I ate their this summer the wait was not excessive for the food. Or maybe it was just that I was enjoying talking with my friends so much that I didn't notice:-)