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Sep 21, 2011 01:56 PM


Anybody been since they got new Chef/Owner? I did see a couple of reviews during the transition, but I'm more interested now that they should be up and running.

I noticed that they are claiming they have a cheese cart--very intriguing. Only other cheese cart I know of in San Diego is at Addison.

Also see that they are importing Turbot from Brittany. . .

Cavaillon Restaurant
14701 Via Bettona, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92127

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  1. Anybody been? We were there a couple of weeks ago. This is a spot we’ve enjoyed over the years including a couple of tasting menus plus brunch a couple of times, of course. Seems like the pricing has been upped by maybe 20% or $5 to $8 with most entrees starting at the low $30’s but maybe I’m wrong. But the portion sizes are pretty big too so I guess it works out. Just got a starter to share and two entrees (duck and veal schnitzel) and dessert - that was the same as honkman had in summer looking back at that post and the honkblog. Lava cake thing with ginger ice cream in a bowl of chocolate soup. Yeah, that was tasty.

    Honestly, we were a little disappointed overall just in a well, it’s not the same. I hesitate to even say that here because it was one visit of just a few items on the menu. For me, I guess I woulda shoulda got something other than veal schnitzel. I see on the website they do a fixed price ($38) for a smaller menu of 3 courses, Monday – Wednesday. We didn’t ask, it wasn’t offered. Might be a little better way to try them out.

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      I was considering a meal there a couple of weeks ago, but I changed my mind when I looked online and saw the prices. They are definitely higher than before, and for me they are too high to draw me in to try a new chef when I can go somewhere else that I know I love for less.

      1. re: maestra

        I find it interesting that a Chef who is relavtively nameless locally is jacking up prices after the prior chef who had a solid local reputation couldn't make it work for less.

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          And perhaps that's why there's a new chef. If the per-diner profit is too low, they'll never make it up in volume.

          1. re: Fake Name

            Maybe but prices weren't on the cheap side before. Having eaten there a few times I can say the food was really good, just not worth the drive out there on a semi regular basis from downtown. I just don't see this move attracting a large volume of customers, even if the turbot is off the charts.

    2. We had visited the restaurant before the menu changed (about a week or so after the new chef took over) and had a nice brunch, with great food and service. Our second visit (early Oct) was really sad. We arrived, found no hostess, and stood around for a few minutes. The waiters glanced at us while they were rushing in and out, but it took a while before any one offered us a seat. We waited a while to be seated, even longer to give our order. After about an hour of waiting, we left, as did other parties. We didn't even get our coffee and juice. These were the same waiters that were so attentive and friendly during our first visit. To give them the benefit of the doubt, it could have been due to a combination of major under staffing (two waiters, full restaurant) and a kitchen that really fell behind--randomly bad timing. Or maybe the vibe of the place has changed since the ownership change.

      1. We went there last week and I would try it again before a full-review. My favorite dishes were the foie gras and the turbot, the rest were all right. Overall I did not leave with that OMG feeling like I did before. We had a reservation for a Friday night and had not problem with the service and the wait.

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          How many people were there on a Friday ?

          1. re: honkman

            we had 7 pm reservations for 6 people (2 kids) and i think most of the tables were filled. I forgot to mention the petit filet and frittes he prepared for my 5 year old daughter was perfectly medium rare and very delicious. The bread and truffle were very good as well. The savory foie preparation is really amazing..foie, quail egg, bacon and lentils...we had 2 orders. I would go back again for sure and service was really perfect. Next time I am getting the turbot, I had the lamb shank but I had entree envy.

        2. Went there tonight for the farewell to fois gras dinner. I thought it was very good. Very good quality fois gras, and the 2 and 4th dishes had great seared fois gras. I thought the $79 price was appropriate. I had a bottle of the Piper Sonoma Brut, and the acidity of the wine matched up well the richness of the FG. The price of the bottle was a decent $30.

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            1. re: honkman

              We went in at opening, by 7pm the place was about 80% full.

              1. re: 4wino

                Thanks for the report!

                I'm refusing to say farewell, but I do like the look of that menu. I'm curious about the sizes of the foie itself, 4 courses of a 2oz a piece would be 8oz total and 8oz terrine on it's own retails for ~$50 dollars. Not a bad deal at all