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Sep 21, 2011 01:51 PM

Attn: Splenda Users

I don't know know how long this has been available or if anybody has used it yet, I was in my local Costco last night and was looking for Splenda. The Splenda has always cost more so I have been switching between Splenda, Equal and Sweet & Low but I've always liked Splenda the Best. I grabbed a box of Splenda and walked further down the aisle and noticed yellow boxes that kinda reminded me of the Splenda box and it was the Kirkland brand of no calorie sweetner. Looking at the ingredients, they are identical to Splenda and listed in the same order, The Equal and Sweet & Low are different.

The Splenda box had 1,000 packets in it for somewhere around $18.39 and Costco's Kirkland brand had 1,500 packets for $11.98. I put the Splenda back and bought a box of the Kirkland brand and will try it tonight in my Iced Tea and see what it is like. Has anybody tried the Kirkland brand yet?

The Kirkland box contains 2 750 count bags

Conversion Chart: Sugar to Kirkland

2 tsp = 1 Packet

1/4 cup = 6 Packets

1/3 cup = 8 Packets

1 cup = 24 Packets

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  1. I buy the Kirkland brand of Sucralose (Splenda) all the time now. Even with the Costco deep discount coupons for the Splenda, the Kirkland brand is much cheaper and it is chemically identical.

    Costco's philosophy is that their house brand will always be equal to or better than the national brand. They don't always achieve this, but most of the time they come close, so I generally trust them.

    (Opinions seem to be divided on their Mayo.)

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      I like Splenda in the 742 gram,use it to bake,I don't like the other sweetners,please don't take it away.Splenda have coupons also.The other sweeteners don,t taste the same in baking. lenley

    2. Store-brand sucralose (supposedly the equivalent of Splenda) has been available in several stores for a while now.

      1. I buy liquid sucralose at because it's zero carbs, not bulked up with maltodextrin. If you use it by cup type measures, you're getting a lot of unlabeled, highly glycemic carbs.

        1. we did the same thing about 2 months ago. cannot tell the difference.

          1. Just a note: If you use it to bake, it's 24 grams of carbs per cup. If you buy liquid sucralose drops, it's zero carbs/calories for real.

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              Not for baking but I much prefer Splenda over E-Z Sweet (liquid sucralose)in coffee. It's tastes sickly sweet to me even though I use less. Maybe the matodextrin makes it taste better?