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Sep 21, 2011 01:48 PM

Rehearsal Dinner Spot in Lenox, Ma?

I know that Lenox isn't in/near Boston (I'm from the North Shore originally) but I figured my fellow Bostonians may be able to help, regardless.

I saw a previous post on this topic from '09 but thought to revisit and update it - I'm getting married out there and could use any/all rehearsal dinner ideas/locales. My fiance and I love food so something that's a surefire winner would be much appreciated.


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  1. What's the size of your rehearsal dinner?

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    1. Chez Nous in nearby Lee, MA would be great. Terrific food! Their website talks about an upstairs private room for "7-20" but they have several dining rooms downstairs, so you should be able to work something out with them.

      Chez Nous
      150 Main St, Lee, MA 01238

      1. If you could reserve all of Nudel it would be amazing.

        35 Church Street, Lenox, MA 01240

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            Nudel's fabulous but I think it's too small for 25. What about Firefly, Prime, Cafe Lucia or Alta

            Cafe Lucia
            80 Church St., Lenox, MA 01240

            35 Church Street, Lenox, MA 01240

            1. re: 6berry

              Can't recommend Firefly; it's not much more than a slightly upscale Friendlys.

            2. re: goldn3

              it might depend on the time of year, which OP does not state.

          2. I think Chez Nous is the perfect suggestion, really good food and charming service, especially a smaller room just for your party. My own experience at Firefly in Lenox was awful and I have never heard anything good about Cafe Lucia.

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            1. re: City Kid

              The bar at Bistro Zinc...and...they probably WOULD let you rent the whole bar for an evening.

              1. re: AikiLou

                Please check the postings on Bistro Zinc, as there are many of us who consider it useless.

                1. re: mjoyous

                  Avoid Zinc. If they have the space Alta would be a great spot for being right in Lenox.

                  1. re: mjoyous

                    I agree about the uselessness of Zinc: Overpriced with crumby food and service.

              2. I'll just add this to the list. A friend of mine and his wife had their son's rehearsal dinner at Jonathan's Bistro in Lenox. The restaurant was closed to the public that evening, so it was a cozy, private party. The food and the attention were excellent.

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                1. re: Dana1949

                  Thanks all - feel free to keep the ideas coming (I know there's a finite number though). We're not doing this till next September (2012) so feel free to check back in if something comes to mind or there's new experiences to share!