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Sep 21, 2011 01:42 PM

Birthday dinner help--Pittsburgh

My aunt is treating me for dinner for my birthday and is letting me select the restaurant. She says that she is open to anything, but I think she would prefer American or European cuisine. She didn't name a price but I'm thinking entrees somewhere in the neighborhood of $15, certainly no more than $20. Any suggestions?


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  1. I wonder if you both would like Paris 66 Bistro in East Liberty.

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      1. re: Jay F

        I'm curious to. What did Rodzilla have? I don't think it possible to have a bad meal at Paris 66 in my opinion.

        1. re: traveleryvette

          Same here. I've liked everything I've had at Paris 66, usually quiche, soup, or a crepe.

          1. re: Jay F

            I was there for a blogger meet up where everyone was known to the house. We were the only group in the restaurant, and it was still some of the slowest service I've had.

            I ordered the beef carpaccio and champ de mars buckwheat crepes + egg.

            I understand buckwheat crepes can be an acquired taste, but these were also dry. The housemade creme fraiche was fine - but that's kind of hard to screw up. Smoked salmon just didn't strike me as quality, not completely off putting but a bit too much like salmon jerky.

            the beef carpaccio was really bad - completely drenched in lemon oil so that you couldn't taste the beef.

            The owners had recently extended the menu and gave our party half off the tab (very generous) they also came out to speak with us, and I thought they were a very nice couple. I actually meant to write to them, thanks them, and offer some constructive criticism. I'm not doubting that some of the other items are much better - I just think there's much better to be had in the area.

            My number one rec is always Salt of The Earth, apps are 10-15 and entrees 15-25.

            1. re: Rodzilla

              I still haven't tried Salt. I should sometime, but nothing on their menu has ever screamed, or even whispered, "eat me."

              On today's menu, I might like the scallop entree, but everything else that goes into the dish is "meh" at best, and in the case of chorizo and anchovy, not appetizing at all.

              Scallops $24
              panzanella, chorizo, saffron, rapini, anchovy, kalamata.

              And the risotto, which I would normally order anywhere, has octopus, canteloupe, and miso.

              I mean, if someone else dragged me there, I might find something I like, but I've never seen anything on any Salt menu that really made me go, "Wow, I have GOT to eat there."

              1. re: Jay F

                I 've been wanting to get to Salt of the Earth . Its on Penn? Is it before Quiet Storm or right after on Penn? If I go to Pgh Glass i've gone to far past it right? I'm on a mission to find this place. :) ahah

                The Quiet Storm
                5430 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

                1. re: traveleryvette

                  Here's their website. It's east of Quiet Storm, and I'm not sure where Pgh Glass is.


                2. re: Jay F

                  Jay - you should give it a try. Some of the combos might sound "odd" - but it works. It all tastes good together. I never had a bad meal there. I've been there twice and really want to go again.

                  1. re: burghgal

                    agreed with this. I personally get excited about the more novel pairings and/or unique ingredients, but even if you aren't as adventurous of an eater I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Everything is always expertly prepared, and the service is top notch as well.

                  2. re: Jay F

                    I think I've said this before, but whatever you think of the individual components of a dish (and usually Kevin lists 4 but there are others), the composition of the dish will usually resemble nothing like you thought it would be. I am pretty sure I would enjoy any dish there even if I really didn't like the ingredients on their own.

                    FTR, an octopus canteloupe miso risotto sounds outstanding. And from the tweets I've seen from folks who've had it, all were wild about it.

          2. Piccolo forno in lawrenceville, byob
            Point Brugge or park Brugge
            dinette in shady side
            Brgr in shady side

            Point Brugge Cafe
            401 Hastings St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

            1. Happy Birthday Dana.

              Sausalido- Bloomfield byob

                1. What about Lidia's Italy in the strip? I would get the Pasta trio.

                  Happy B-day