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Sep 21, 2011 01:40 PM

Saute Pan Question

I'm confused.

I want to buy a saute pan that allows me to make pan sauce. My understanding is that if I buy a non-stick pan, I won't get a fond. And yet, every single saute pan that I come across is non-stick.

Am I wrong? Does anyone have a good non-stick saute pan that they can refer me to?

I need to keep my costs under 100 dollar.

Thank you in advance,

El Bandito

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  1. i have emeril wear and they are not non-stick...bed bath and beyond has many regular saute pans. just make sure not to get the cheapest as they may not heat evenly or may blister

    1. I have a 6-quart SS All Clad saute pan that I got from that I absolutely love. I thought it might be too big. It was on sale though so I got that size. I have found it works perfectly for my family size (5).

      It is not non stick...

      1. I love All Clad. You can look for open stock sales at places like Macy's. A 12-inch should cover most needs.

        1. What do you think of this one?

          It doesn't specifically say non-stick, but it appears to be. Right?



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            1. re: Jay F

              I agree it is not non stick...non stick is typically dark grey teflon or calpholon.


            2. re: el bandito

              That is not really a saute pan. Here is a smaller version of the one I have:

              By the way, the 'irregular' part of the 3-4 irregulars I have gotten from cookwarenmore are like a tiny scratch that I can barely see. I highly recommend them.

            3. I have gotten all kinds of All Clad at WS Outlet at some wonderful prices and especially when they have a 10% or 15% coupon on certain holidays (they email coupon). I also love my Tramontina some of which I got at Walmart.
              Never spent over $100 on any of these.