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Sep 21, 2011 01:37 PM

Crumbs Bake Shop

Crumbs has just opened a location downtown Chicago. They are certified kosher by 2 agencies as listed on their website. I wasn't able to find either one of these 2 on teh CRC website and was wondering whether they are reliable. Their cupcakes look PHENOMENAL!


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  1. Best black and white cookie I've ever eaten (I'm not a cupcake person).

    1. We are specifically forbidden to discuss the reliability of hechshers here, so you might want to ask your LOR. I've never heard of the second hechsher, but the first is not universally accepted in New York.

      1. The information quoted on the website only refers to mail order cupcakes. If you're question is about a store in Chicago, then you would need to check who certifies that store in Chicago. Then, as GilaB mentioned, ask your own Rabbi if he approves of that hashgacha.

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          They don't bake anything in-store, it's delivered from a central location. The store has a certificate posted, for what it's worth.

        2. As always with these questions, you really should ask the Rav YOU hold by. Mine has a split decision on the two agencies you mention.