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Sep 21, 2011 11:57 AM

ASAP! Cleaning out produce drawer for SOUP

I need to use up all my fresh produce before leaving for a very long week end.

What goes together, what to leave out? I think I'm going to make either dumplings or fresh pumpkin pasta

Here is what I would like to combine so it doesn't end up in the compose pile.

Bunch of spinach

Bunch of flat Italian parsley

Bunch of green onions

Bag of carrots

Fresh Moteralla cheese


Box of beef broth

fresh tomatoes still in the garden

fress basil still in the garden


lavender still in the garden

Apples and pears

Lemons and orange,

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  1. I actually thought frittata before I thought soup, unless your broth is about to expire. The dreaded chicken cubes won't go anywhere.

    I'd think a nice veggie frittata, and reserve the orange, lemon, apple, pear and lavender for a dessert.

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    1. re: pinehurst

      I hear you about the dreaded chicken cubes...but frittata sounds different. And the fruits except pears will keep. Or take along to eat o the trip...

      Broth isn't about to expire. Oh, also one orange sweet bell pepper and celery. I hate when I over buy produce especially since this has been a planned trip. darn.

    2. I can see using all your vegetables--plus tomatoes, garlic and basil--to make a pasta sauce that could be topped with cheese...did you mean Mozarella? IMHP carrots, eggs, beef broth, lavender and the fruits will all be okay for a week in the frig, cabinet or garden.

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      1. re: escondido123

        escondido123, youe I attempted to write Mozarella Cheese, the spell check must have kicked in somewhere!

        Pasta sauce does seem like an idea.

        carrots eggs will be fine as is.

      2. Thanks all for your posts.

        I ended up making a soup. I used one big white onion I didn't know had. Carmelized in oilive oil, used garlic, parsley,basil, spinach, and made my mom's hard soup dumplings with a nice amount of parmasean cheese mixed in the dough. It was so good.

        For dessert I made a a simple brown sugar/butter carmel with some of my overcooked peach jam and thin sliced pears. Very rich. Won't waste a fresh pear like that again. Way too sweet.