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Sep 21, 2011 11:35 AM

Bon Appetit Magazine Going Totally Downhill

As a long time subscriber, I just received my October 2011 issue of Bon Appetit yesterday. It's been going downhill for awhile, but I was shocked to see the number of advertisements in this issue - most not even food related - it was quite shocking. A little BA content on the left page and then ads on the right page in almost the entire issue! What BA content that was there was totally boring and I was done with it in 10 minutes or so. My subscription was just renewed as a gift, but if this keeps up I will not be renewing it again! Has anyone else noted that it looks more like GQ magazine now that a food magazine. Food & Wine and Fine Cooking are far superior!

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  1. This is interesting because I find myself thinking how much I like the new format and articles, but maybe i'm a different demographic because I subscribe to GQ too...I think I read somewhere that they recently switched headquarters from South Carolina to NYC, so maybe it's some regional preferences.

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      I didn't hate the last two or three magazines from Bon Appetit - I think it's improved a bit over earlier in the year. Better stories, and better monthly columns, but you are correct, there is more advertising.

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        BA was headquartered in LA and is now with the rest of the Conde Nast stable in NY. And if it reminds readers of GQ, perhaps that's to do with the fact that its new editor in chief was formerly an editor at GQ.

        1. re: Caitlin McGrath

          I have to say, the fact that BA is starting to look more and more like my husband's GQ is what annoys me the most. The actual recipes aren't bad, but there are fewer, and they are getting harder to find amidst all the "fluff." KInda like actual fashion articles in the current GQ.

      2. I have some old copies of BA. Most of the ads, especially the big page ones, were for cigs and liquors.

        1. I got mine too, and it didn't take me long to go through it. I've been a long time subscriber, and have noticed a bit less content. My long time favorite has been Fine Cooking, but I do get quite a few cooking mags each month just because. I'm waiting for the Nov and Dec BA to maybe pick it up a bit.

          1. I never thought that BA's content was close to Gourmet's nor Saveur's in quality and quantity, but their photography used to be awful, and now it's much better (more interestingly composed and lit).

            1. Sadly I must agree - got my October BA this week and I thought I was reading my girlfriend's Real Simple mag instead. The "Tapas 2.0" article was OK (although the "great tapas/pintxos discoveries in Spain" theme has been exploited and beaten to death for years now), the rest was very "meh".

              Real glad I subscribed to Lucky Peach though - got the initial issue a few weeks back (I think it initially came out in May or June) and I'm still reading through it.

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                Agree about Lucky Peach, it arrived on the scene just in the nick of time! Too many foods mags have truly gone haywire.

                1. re: HillJ

                  I'm going to echo these sentiments. Love Lucky Peach. When is volume II coming out?