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Sep 21, 2011 10:57 AM

One dinner in Portsmouth

I will be doing the Seacoast half marathon and meeting up with some friends for dinner the night before. There seems to be some very interesting places in Portsmouth, but we need pasta/risotto and a lot of the places I would normally pick don't seem to have any on the menu.

I have narrowed it down to Radici, Pesce or the Black Trumpet. Which would you choose, or is there somewhere else you would recommend instead? Transportation and money are not an issue.


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  1. Dennis, I'm jealous that you're doing the Seacoast Half. I tried to register a couple of weeks ago, and was surprised that it was already full.

    I don't know of any great places for pasta in the area. I haven't been to Radici since they opened, but there's always people in there, so I think that would be a good choice for the night before the race.

    Pesce Blue is gone. There's a new restaurant there, but I can't remember the name and don't know anything about it.

    Black Trumpet is by far my favorite restaurant in the area. Very cool/laid back atmosphere upstairs. But if you're really focused on carbo loading, I think it's a wasted meal (and money).

    Have a great meal, and a great race!

    Pesce Blue
    103 Congress Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

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      Pesce Blue is now Pesce. Still great food. Worth a stop for sure.

      Pesce Blue
      103 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03801

      1. You may want Italian, this restaurant is really good.

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          Thanks for the ideas.

          ChrisB- The Seacoast wall on Facebook is raffling bibs if you're interested.

        2. I know it is too late for this event - but, Cafe Meditteranean has great pasta -- and Ronaldo's on Rte 1, North Hampton is more than worth the drive -- eat in the bar if there is a wait for a table - fabulous!!!! In between you could find an average lasagna at various places.

          N Hampton Village Shpg Ctr, North Hampton, NH 03862