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Sep 21, 2011 10:43 AM

Spoon - New BBQ Truck in Roxbury

I just dropped by Spoon for the first time. It's a new food truck doing BBQ and burgers, located in Roxbury, in the shopping plaza on Warren St near MLK Blvd.

It's really good! Based on what I tried today I'd put it in the upper echelon of BBQ options in Boston. I had a BBQ bowl, a medium-sized takeout container with several layers -- beans on the bottom, pulled pork in the middle, then collards, and two crusty, salty hush puppies perched on top.

The beans were Navy, I think, cooked to a nice creamy texture. They had a nice, slightly spicy and tangy sauce, but was a little difficult to discern the sauce situation with the pork on top. The pork was quite smoky with an excellent texture -- chunks rather than strands, and lots of crispy bark and crusty bits. It definitely tasted fresh, as opposed to so many renditions that taste like they've been sitting in a tray steaming for hours. Way better than the pork I tried at BBQSmith, which i found unpleasantly mushy.

The collards were simple, chopped small and just done enough, to my taste, with a bit of bite (though they were still cooking, so perhaps they get softer). The hush puppies were intense - salty, oily, crunchy, loaded with scallion and just a bit of bacon. I'm glad they were there, and I'm glad there were only two. $6.50 for the bowl, which is just the right size lunch for me, although those with big appetites might want a bit more.

They also do plates with ribs and chicken, sandwiches, tacos and a nice-sounding burger. I'll definitely be back soon, can't wait to see how their ribs are... Website at:

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  1. That sounds delicious. For those of us who depend on the T though, a bit of a pain to get to. I hope they get a slot in some of the city-designated food-truck spots.