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Sep 21, 2011 10:37 AM

What kind of bread for a Cajun menu?

I"m going to a neighborhood dinner on Saturday night (the kind where we all chip in), and the host plans on serving alligator in a Cajun spicy sauce. I've been asked to bring bread (which I plan to make). The question now is - what kind of bread? Should I stick with loaves of crusty French bread? Or do you CHers have recommendations for some other kind of "cajun" bread I'm not aware of? Thanks!

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  1. That sounds great, but you could also go with a sweet cornbread or even blackstrap molasses muffins, as Paul Prudhomme does.

    1. crusty French bread is perfect!

      1. Sounds like Alligator Sauce Piquant.....Fresh baked French bread will be fine!!


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            The Cajun French Bread looks really good. I'll try it the next time I make gumbo. Given that my gumbo recipe already has about as much heat as we like, I'll probably omit the jalapeno and go light on the creole seasoning. But otherwise it looks like a treat.

          2. Good corn bread or a tasty spoon bread are two good Southern bread options.

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              I was also going to suggest corn bread.

              You could make a loaf of crusty French and a pan of warm corn bread.