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Sep 21, 2011 09:49 AM


Find myself traveling up to the Cortland area and know that Ithaca isnt too far. Wondering if anyone can recommend some godo restuartants in the area - not into chains. Open to most types of food, just not mexican or indian. As for price moderate to upscale places would be appreciated.
No kids so that isnt a concern for me.

Apprecaite anything you can suggest.

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  1. Last month I ate at the Boathouse Restaurant in Ithaca. It was good food and a great location. the seafood was excellent.


    1. Hello,

      Here's an adaptation of a list I started a few years ago...

      A few personal favorites in Ithaca:

      -Just a Taste-small place with great tapas, fun wine flight tastings
      - Northstar House- funky, vibrant place. Good for plates to go along with drinks or full-on dinner
      -Cafe DeWitt- creative, delicious breakfast, lunch and brunch- wonderful food in an offbeat setting (in an old school, same building as the famed Moosewood Restaurant)
      -Carriage House Cafe- intimate setting, continental fare with lots of stuff made in-house
      -Ithaca Bakery and Collegetown Bagels have a few locations- nice place to get a sandwich or a good soup (soups change daily)...the buffet at the location on Aurora St. looks interesting sometimes, but I haven't tried it
      -Madeline's- upscale food with frequent Asian touches. HUGE assortment of desserts that I think are made nice if you want dinner, or just a place to meet people for dessert
      -Zaza's Cucina- like them for homemade pastas
      -Glenwood Pines- local institution for fresh hamburgers with a great view of the lake, very casual
      -Taste of Thai on the Commons is my favorite Thai place, but also good are Taste of Thai Express (different owners) and Tamarind. )Ithaca has an unusual concentration of decent Thai food.)
      -Sarah's Patisserie in the Community Corners center of Ithaca (northern part of Ithaca) might be a nice stop to pick up something sweet.
      -In the same center is The Heights, upscale place, has been hit or miss for me (often more to do with over-saucing or over-dressing compared to my preference
      -John Thomas Steakhouse- dry-aged steaks, sides that are usually shared in the typical steakhouse fashion
      -La Tourelle in Ithaca- open for breakfast, lunch and brunch- attached to a hotel and spa but a wonderful chef who's come there recently and created some interesting items for the menu

      -If you like coffee, Gimme! Coffee is a good stop- few locations in Ithaca.

      In Cortland
      -Doug's Fish Fry in Cortland has really fresh seafood and very nice staff in a casual atmosphere.

      In Syracuse
      -Dinosaur Barbeque is quite well-known for food (though ambiance is a little biker-bar- that doesn't scare me away from good food, but definitely not upscale :) My favorite is the chicken wings.

      Enjoy your time around the Finger Lakes!

      Moosewood Restaurant
      215 N Cayuga St Ste 70, Ithaca, NY 14850

      Taste of Thai Express
      209 S Meadow St, Ithaca, NY 14850

      Gimme! Coffee
      7 E Main St, Trumansburg, NY 14886

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      1. re: 4Snisl

        Thanks, apprecaite the list and will slowly start checking them out

        1. re: drbelfer

          You're welcome! I hope you can make sense out of my scattered notes- apologies for the funky punctuations. :) If you have more specific questions about any place, ask away.

          For all of these places, it might be worth a call ahead to make sure of the hours (not all websites stay up-to-date, unfortunately). For restaurants in downtown Ithaca, there has been a lot of street work lately, so that's also worth accounting for if you have a reservation.

        2. re: 4Snisl

          I agree with all of these Ithaca recs, especially Just a Taste and Cafe Dewitt. And Collegetown Bagles is great for a quick lunch.

          Cafe Dewitt
          215 N Cayuga St Ste 76, Ithaca, NY 14850

          1. re: 4Snisl

            Agreed - would add Fine Line Bistro and Bandwagon Brewpub, both in Ithaca. Oh, and definitely agree with Northstar.

            Fine Line Bistro
            404 W State St, Ithaca, NY 14850