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Wine pairing for Mediterranean veggie appetizers?

I need wine pairing suggestions for dolmades (stuffed grape leaves), hummus and baba ganoush. They're pretty tasty but a Tablas Creek grenache blanc I brought recently really didn't work that well.

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  1. Here's a photo, by the way.

    1. How about a Greek white?

      I had the 2009 Domaine Katsaros Chardonnay, Krania, recently with a Greek meal in Las Vegas and it was very nice.

      1. Bandol blanc or Bandol rose is what I'm thinking.

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          Thinking maybe Bandol is a little rich for these mezes. Greek native whites--assyrtiko, saviatano, roditis, but maybe not moschofilero--might make for a racier, more cleansing match.

          1. re: bob96

            Greeks are probably a great idea but not available in the city where I normally shop.

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              Bandol blanc too rich???

              Steve, what about Chateau Musar blanc?

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                I think Musar is hard to find even in the Bay area. I need more conventional choices.

          2. How about a very dry sparkling wine?

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              This does seem to be a good opportunity to open a bottle of Cava.

            2. Yes, Steve, I don't think Tablas Creek Grenache Blanc would be the best match for that. I agree with the suggestions of a Greek White -- Assyrtiko probably -- or a dry sparkling wine would be better choices. Moschofilero would be good, too. I've had it with those mezedes.

              1. I recently served Vermintino with hummus and baba ganoush.and other Middle Eastern food (no dolmades though). I see Tablas Creek makes one, although I served an Italian one. I thought it paired well.

                1. if not doing wine, get hold of some Ouzo (or other anis type apéritif like Pernod or Ricard).

                  1. I would go with a good Austrian Gruner Veltliner

                    ... or Champagne

                    1. 2010 Boutari Moschofilero - Greece, Peloponnisos, Mantinia (7/1/2012)
                      Tight. Took a while to open up. There was a contrast of tartness and some fruitiness. Slightly oily texture. Good finish. Nicely made wine. It still didn't match well with the Greek appetizers. Imported by Terlato Wines International.

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                        I eat Greek food often. I generally like a nice white Bordeaux with the dishes you list.

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                          I agree with you, an entre deux mers, or other SB would be wonderful. I also agree with Maximlien on pastis, pour moi Ricard, merci!

                        2. re: SteveTimko

                          Could you express why it didn't match up well? Was it too much fruit or floral notes in the wine? I really think these require an almost sour white with only a hint of green apple or lime (little to no tropical fruits/stone fruits) like a vinho verde, some albarinos, some pinot grigios. Maybe picpoul (i'm not familiar enough with picpoul to say though the ones I have had definitely had the zingy/sour thing going on)

                          If those don't work, than maybe a young chablis or chenin blanc.

                          A really dry sparkling may be the best bet, as noted by those previous.

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                            With SteveTimko's indulgence, may I butt in as a moschofilero fan and agree that it's probably a little too floral (viognier comes to mind) to cut happily through the oil and pucker of mezes. Greek whites from assyrtiko, saviatano, roditis varietals can likely better do the trick, as can picpoul, a provencal rose, or a vinho verde. Or a verdicchio.

                            1. re: bob96

                              The food just overwhelmed the wine. The wine, which I liked, was trying to be Fred Astaire and the food was Irish cloggers.

                              1. re: SteveTimko

                                Which wine did you end up drinking? Your posts remind me of one reason I like drinking a good retsina (usually on my lonesome) with meze.

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                                  "I like drinking a good retsina (usually on my lonesome)"

                                  Speaking of Retsina, that's no surprise.

                                  I have described these wines as an abomination before God.

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                                    I know it's been called the most universally loathed wine in the world, and I'll only have a glass at a Greek place, but there's a certain atmosphere it invokes, Which I like. A glass or 2 every so many years. It's worth trying if only once, with plates of feta and olives and grilled octopus or gigantes.

                        3. For what it's worth, this is the response I got from Mark Squires, who reviews Greek wines for The Wine Advocate:
                          Moscho is light, easily overwhelmed.Try Tselepos Blanc Gris for a bigger one.Veriki would do better, oak Santorini better still.

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                            1. re: SteveTimko

                              I'd think the predominant garlic overtones would make it hard to work with a white, except with maybe the dolmades. Would Greeks drink a spicey Mediterranean red of any sort with the hummus, etc?

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                                They might have beer or ouzo, or a glass of Malamatina (or Kourtaki or Boutari) retsina , very cold (often mixed with soda and ice); retsina is an acquired taste, but I find its piney flavor cuts against the oily and salty notes of mezedakia very well. A Greek roditis rose or a Portuguese vinho verde might also work.

                                1. re: toodie jane

                                  "hard to work with a white, "

                                  This appears to stand as a singular opinion. You don't think white wines drink well with garlic influenced food?

                                  I don't know about Greeks, but I have drunk a variety of reds (mostly italian) with Greek foods including those named by OP (always eat these as part of combo app I always order). I don't think the reds I have had go all that well with these dishes.

                                  As noted, IMO, white Bordeaux work very well, and I have drunk a variety of white Italians with too.

                                  The red is best left to wait for the lamb.

                                  1. re: FrankJBN

                                    hmmm... I think of dishes like hummus and baba ganoosh as food-influenced garlic! I don't know Greek wines, but If Steve would be drinking Calif wines (he's from Reno area?) then maybe a Calif white like a Pinot Gregio or a Fume Blanc.

                                    1. re: toodie jane

                                      It would bury ;pinot gris without a doubt.

                              2. My non cognoscenti idea would've been a pink California sparkler like a Chandon.

                                1. Acidic white. Pinot grigio is recommended. Would be tempted by (Tocai) Friulano too.

                                  Hummus is not easy to match.

                                  1. If you can get your hands on a nice unoaked Turkish white wine, like a Narince, that would work nicely.