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Sep 21, 2011 09:19 AM

Learning curve recipe screw ups

I thought it would be good to talk about mistakes that we have made in cooking so that we can all learn...maybe there are prior posts on this but if so, lets start a new one.

2 that I remember of mine:

I was making Paella with scallops and the recipe said to salt the scallops and let sit-so I did, but it failed to tell me to RINSE the salt off before my grown children to this day will not eat Paella.

I was making Tapa (filipino type) and the recipe called for a LOT of soy sauce and let the meat marinate. I failed to add the brown sugar to compensate for all the sauce. We all drank a lot of water with that meal.

Any fun mistakes we can learn from that you CH's have done?

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  1. ....never forget that the pie plate you used for your overly stuffed hugely piled high pear pie was in fact a store bought thin tin one [and] then try to take it out of the oven fully cooked knowing it could be taken out simply by taking hold of one side of the pan so it was sturdy enough from experience in the past to work. because you'll end up with a delicious pie all over the floor and obviously not edible.....

    1. Had a house full of singles when I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner since leaving home. Anyone who didn't have a place to go was invited. I had been cooking since I was about 3, cooking in 4-H since age 8, so figured, no big deal. Boy, was I embarrassed when I cut into that beautifully browned bird to find that I'd not taken giblets out of either end. Mom never told me I had to do that! Holy spit!

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        YAH, Ive done that one least at the neck end.

      2. My most memorable Rookie Trick had nothing to do with the food: I'd brought my rendition of Mom's tuna casserole out to my brother's place in the country (at his request) to cook in the oven of his woodburning range. The table was set, all the food was headed there, Mr. Seasoned Chef here carefully grabbed two pot holders, pulled the dish out of the oven and onto the work table, PUT DOWN the pot holders and THEN took off the lid. I am told my resulting dance was the high point of the weekend.

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          I can relate...after putting the skillet in the oven to finish off the steaks, I took the skillet out of the oven, warning everyone several times that it is hot and the handle is hot...shortly thereafter, grabbing the handle without a towel and burning all my fingers and the palm of my hand I gave my kids something to remember for the rest of their my expense of course!!