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Sep 21, 2011 07:54 AM

Help with an Anniversary Dinner

Hi, CHers,

My husband and I are headed to NOLA this weekend for our one-year anniversary. Right now we have dinner reservations at both Commander's and August. Commander's was the first place that occurred to me, since I had a birthday dinner at Commander's several years ago and remember that it was superb, both the food and service. I have been reading through the posts and see that some people feel that it has gone downhill in the past years, but that August is a favorite these days.

My husband and I are New Yorkers and appreciate excellent restaurants. To give you an idea, Gramercy Tavern is a favorite, as much for the service as for the food. In other words, we are looking less for trendy/minimalist and more for classic/elegant.

The question now is are we going to be disappointed if we go to Commander's? They certainly pulled out all the stops for my birthday dinner (albeit a long time ago)- would they do the same for an anniversary? Honestly, for this occasion, we might we willing to trade a little bit in the food category for a superior atmosphere and experience.

Should we stick with Commander's or go to August? I would appreciate all your thoughts!

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  1. Commander's still pulls out all the stops for special occasions. I've been to some absolutely incredible birthdays there. It would be my choice over August for your anniversary. Obviously call ahead and let them know the deal, and they'll take care of you. August is great too though. Any way you could do a lunch there just to get both experiences?

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      Unfortunately not, since August only does lunch Monday through Friday. But thank you for the reassurance about Commander's!

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        Commander's pulls out all of the stops even for everyday lunch. Was there today. Superb!