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Sep 21, 2011 05:35 AM

Italian bread

I bought some bread which had hams and chicken in yesterday from an Italian baker but have no idea what is it called. The filling was coming out of the side and the bread was quite thick. It had the appearance of a bread roll but bigger and more oblong shape. But the filling was already baked in I thought it might be stromboli but it was not that.

I do not live in the area where I bought it so can not go back an ask. So any help would be appreciated I would like to replicate it at home.

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  1. I am going to assume (you kow what happens when you assume) and say this is just thier take on a differnet peperoni type roll. Almost every Italian store in my area has atleast 3 options of a filled bread, typically peperoni , ham, or pepers.. Once in a while a combination or soemthing special near a holiday.. Not sure if its even an Italian deal...

    However, I never seen chicken backed in the bread, interesting hope someone else comments

    1. Well... I was thinking that if what dryrain bought was a roll type bread with the ham and chicken baked in the middle then it is indeed a Stromboli. However, if there are pieces of chicken and ham throughout a loaf of bread then it's something along the lines of a regional bread called "sausage bread." Typically a rustic kind of loaf with all sorts of ingredients mixed into the dough, including cheese, meats, spices... Or as Augie suggests it's simply that store's take on the same kind of bread. It will be interesting to read the comments of others...

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        +1 Gio, I was thinking sausage bread too, just with chicken and ham

        it was a "rustic" or "peasant" way to use up scraps and last bits of meat, to add them to your bread and it would make the bread more substantial

        1. re: cgarner

          Every Italian bakery in Brooklyn at least has had what's called "prosciutto [ or lard] bread" a country loaf specked with bits of pork (not always prosciutto, but salami or even lard cracklings) and much coarse black pepper. No cheese, though.

          1. re: bob96

            ...and wonderful stuff it is, too...

              1. re: pinehurst

                Me too...I've got some cracklings in the fridge and I'm gonna bake a loaf tomorrow!!

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              oohhh... you're right. My Uncle would bring some when visiting us in the Philly burbs we'd call it "Brooklyn bread" that and those wonderful braided seeded loaves of Italian that were crusty and chewy on the outside and so nice and light inside!
              (I may have to either make some or take a trip!)

              1. re: cgarner

                I get to Corrado's market in Clifton (NJ) fairly regularly and they have a wide variety of ethnic breads there, but the best are definitely the braided/seeded loaves they sell which are _exactly_ like the bread you describe, and they are delivered fresh daily from the bakery in Brooklyn (Reliable Bakery).
                Great stuff. Problem is, once I start eating it i can't stop...whole loaves have been known to vanish in my house in just a few hours.

        2. Maybe the OP is thinking calzone?
          Otherwise, you have a rather "original" ham and chicken bread there.