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Sep 21, 2011 01:42 AM

Favorite Restaurants to Take Guests?

For those of you who live in Paris, what are some of your favorite restaurants to take out of town guests? Inevitably, they want to go somewhere typically French and somewhere that you've heard about in the secret newsletter sent only to people living in Paris. :-)

I've had of luck taking people to the Christian Constance restaurants, to wine bars like La Garde Robe, stopping at crepe stands along the little streets around St Michel. These seem to capture the ambiance people want when they're in Paris and are at good price points.

But... while these are all new to my guests, they are repeats for me and I wouldn't mind branching out a little. So I'm asking... Where do you like to take your guests?


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  1. Chez Denise, Auberge Brassane/ Bistros
    L'Ami Louis/High level bistro
    Le Cinq/to be treated like royalty
    Chez L'Ami Jean/ Basque fab food
    Jacques Melac/Wine bar and snacks, never saw anyone other than Parisian there.

    1. A twist to the OP's situation is the friend whose visit to Paris overlaps with yours and asks to join you for dinner. We have had great success taking such people to Les Papilles and Machon d'Henri. Both serve very accessible food, are inexpensive, are easy to get to from most areas and exude "Frenchness".

      1. Many of our friends have asked to experience the Paris of Hemingway and his contemporaries. This means La Rotonde and other nearby brasseries, a variety of bar/bistros and wine bars like Le Rubis. You could even break the bank at the Hemingway Bar in the Ritz.

        1. Thanks to everyone for your replies so far. Several of your suggestions have been on my list to check out, and just haven't made it there yet. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!