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Sep 21, 2011 12:07 AM

Any dining advice for Samos and Patmos, Greece?

Heading to these islands next week via Turkey. There seems to be little information regarding restaurants/cafes etc. here except for the few things I found online already.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I spent a month in Patmos many, many years ago, so my knowledge of the current scene is nil. However, I may be able to provide some perspective. Patmos, as you probably know, is where St. John the Divine wrote the Book of the Apocalypse. As such, it's considered a holy place by the Greek Orthodox Church, and what I remember from my visit is that the Church keeps a pretty tight hand on what goes on there. This includes tourism. When I was there, our dining was limited to the local cafes that mainly served the catch of the day. It's a pretty barren place, and as such, the options were very limited. On the days that the catch of the day wasn't caught, we ate pasta. But I remember having the most fantastic yogurt that I ever had in Patmos. There was a lady who would make it and sell it in little paper cups with a sheet of paper pleated over the top. I don't know if they're still in season, but I also had the most wonderful figs there. My experience was that the food I had there was simple, but delicious.

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      Thanks Roxlet!

      I appreciate the info. Patmos does seem like a smaller and a bit less visited Greek island. I'm going with a friend whom is interested in the religious aspects while I'm interested in taking photos and the food. I'm happy with simple food and looks like I will just relax and just enjoy what we find. =)

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        I think that's the best idea for Patmos. There are many cruise ships and yachts that stop there, but I think the locals would never eat in any places catering to the tourist trade. We stayed on the other side of the island from the main port, and we never say any tourists there, and ate what the locals ate in the little cafe, It was idyllic.

    2. Patmos deserves an update for the sake of future researchers. There’s certainly no problem with tourism now and there’s fabulous food all over the place with places serving fabulously fresh food from their own gardens. This is not a definitive guide but just mentioning a few highlights. I feel like I’m giving away precious secrets but we had no problem getting seated anywhere. Favorite taverns are Leonidas between Campos and Lampi, the taverna on Lampi beach, and Ktima Petra. There were plenty other good choices. The highlights might have been just the tomato salads, zucchini fritters and other produce from their gardens. And of course fresh calamari, fish etc. cooked however you like. There are a few more upscale options like Benetos, but the difference seems to be in setting and service more than food. I’m missing somewhere special in Chora, although Vagelis on the main square is fine and the service is really hospitable.