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Sep 20, 2011 11:37 PM

Where to eat in Nob Hill Area on a Sunday night?

Hello Chowhounders! We are from out of town and will be in the Nob Hill Area on a Sunday night. Can someone please recommend a good restaurant for dinner? Somewhere casual and trendy and fun preferably. Thank you!

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  1. "Nob Hill" is a tough area to give a recommendation on like this, because it is a serious hill and many people won't want to walk from one part of it to another. That said, while not trendy nor the best Italian in the city, I enjoy Ristorante Milano. Technically, it is on the Russian Hill side of Pacific. (Pacific is the street that divides Russian Hill and Nob Hill.)

    Personally, if you want casual and trendy, I would cab it and go to NOPA. Great food and NO ONE has ever accused it of being anything other than casual and trendy.

    Ristorante Milano
    1448 Pacific, San Francisco, CA 94109

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    1. re: whiner

      huh, Milano is one of the only places in San Francisco that my wife and I both disliked enough to never go back there -- and it's one of a very few Italian places within walking distance from our apartment and I love Italian food.

      My suggestions would be Leopold's ( or Luella ( which is not as formal as the web site looks. But yeah, if you want "casual and trendy", I can't think of anything within walking distance for dinner.

      1. re: mjlewis

        I agree that both Leopold's and Luella are better than Milano. Though obviously we disagree on Milano, overall.

        I was just trying to think of places on Nob Hill. As I said, if you want fun, casual, trendy, great food, you're going to have to take a cab. (Though, in its own way, Leopold's may work. They don't take reservations, though, and may be a hike depending upon where in Nob Hill you are located.)

        1. re: whiner

          Thank you for the recommendation on Nopa. We did go there two year ago (the last time we were in San Francisco) and loved it. I believe we are having Italian food on Saturday so would like to try a different cuisine on Sunday. Thank you for your suggestions!

          560 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

        2. re: mjlewis

          had some good old school NE style dishes there, including- dare I say, veal-but long ago. Maybe the quaity has slipped.

      2. It would really help if you could be more specific about your location. Chinatown, North Beach, Jackson Square, Union Square and Polk street are all reasonably close depending on where you start out from on Nob Hill.

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        1. re: Paul H

          We will be coming from the Huntington Hotel on California between Taylor and Market Street.

          1. re: Jummy

            oh, you're not walking to Leopold's then.

            Things that are close to you that are very good (or at least have very good buzz right now, not that I've been to any of them yet): Sons and Daughters, Canteen, Millenium.

            1. re: mjlewis

              Thank you mj, I'll check out all of these restaurants as well!

            2. re: Jummy

              If you want to take it easy and stay in the hotel, the Big 4 restaurant there is perfectly acceptable, though it probably fails on the casual, trendy and fun part. :-).

          2. Take the "California" cable car (it's seldom crowded) downhill from Nob Hill to the end of the line (Market St. near the Embarcadero) and walk the two flat blocks to Boulevard. It's a very good restaurant - one Michelin star. Pricey, appropriately trendy, San Francisco casual but well worth it. Last I looked, it's open on Sunday nights. Reverse your tracks after the meal and take the cable car back to Nob Hill. The food and the transportation could make for a nice evening. Reservations at Boulevard are a good idea.

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            1. re: steve h.

              Boulevard seemed "trendy" in the early 90's. Now it seems "timeless".

              1. re: bbulkow


                I think your "trendy to timeless" is a very good succinct description of how Boulevard has evolved since the early 90's. Totally agree. I like Boulevard, but now it's more of a slightly stuffy classic destination restaurant rather than the trendiest place in town. Won't hesitate to go there for a second if the circumstances call for that kind of place.

                1. re: nocharge

                  I'm liking the "trendy to timeless" thing. Stuffy? No, not in my book.

                  1. re: steve h.

                    Thank you, Steve h. I will check it out!

              2. re: steve h.

                I disagree with Boulevard. The last couple of times I've been there have been disappointing. The meals were average and expensive. Service was also not up to par with the prices. I bet you'll feel cheated after your meal.

              3. I really like Nob Hill Grille on Hyde & Pine. It's one of those restaurants that offers a wide variety without the food suffering from being "all over the map." If you go, try the bone marrow, the housemade burrata, the pasta bolognese, or the babyback ribs.

                Nob Hill Grille Restaurant
                969 Hyde Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

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                1. re: rebeccakinney

                  Nob HIll Grille sounds interesting! Thank you for the suggestion!