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Sep 20, 2011 07:27 PM

Next Iron Chef! Who do you wish they'd try out?

So I'm starting to see commercials for the next, Next Iron Chef competition. Pretty much looks to me like Chopped All Stars with a new name.

But I'm wondering:

Who do YOU wish they'd try out for the Next Iron Chef? pretend there is Bravo vs FN vs Travel channel or Bourdain vs the world or whatever else might stand in the way and conditions were ideal!

I personally have always wanted to see Iron Chef Jose Andres.

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    1. Martin Yan

      David Chang

      Anthony Bourdain

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      1. re: ipsedixit

        Second Anthony Bourdain- for all the countless times i've seen that man on TV, i think maybe once have i actually seen him do the cooking. would love to get a sense of him IN the kitchen.

      2. Bring back Chris Cosentino and Besh! Both would make very good Iron Chefs.

        They were on the same season Mike Symon won.

        1. Hiro Urasawa (Urasawa, Los Angeles). Peerless calm in the eye of a cyclone, where blade and man are One....