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Sep 20, 2011 07:26 PM

Is Kahlua bottled in Mexico kosher again???

It used to be that Kahlua bottled in Mexico (only available for sale in Mexico) was kosher. We used to make quick trips to buy a few bottles or get friends who had business in Mexico to pick some up. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about this note that was on Kosher Quest's (Rabbi Eidlitz) e-mail today:

From Our Mailbag

Dear Rabbi Eidlitz,

I'm confirming that the Kahlua bottled in Mexico is authorized as Parve. The Entelmann´s products bear an unauthorized KMD symbol.

Sincerely yours,
Moshe Perets
Kashrut Maguen David

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  1. Not only is it surprising to hear someone say that Kahlua is kosher, I am also unhappy to hear that the KMD on Entenmann's is not genuine.

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    1. re: SoCal Mother

      Entelmann's, not Entemann's. Presumably different products, and I, too, would be upset if Entenmann's lost its hechsher!

      1. re: GilaB

        The L was clearly a typo on his part.

        The majority of Entenmann's products has one of the standard US hashgachas, but since the company was bought by Groupo Bimbo, they have started selling some individually wrapped cakes made in Mexico with the KMD hasgacha on the label. The standard boxes of cakes and doughnuts are NOT under discussion.

    2. I believe the London Beit Din has always said all Kahlua bought outside the US is kosher. At minimum, that is what they currently say on their site.

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      1. re: avitrek

        Yes I have heard that, but in Southern California many people follow Rabbi Eidlitz' rulings because he knows the local scene well, and he hasn't recommended Kahlua.

      2. Checked kosherquest today and this was the only post I saw regarding kahlua. Posted in mid august. Am I missing something?

        · In regards to the many rumors concerning Kahlua being kosher, the following response from the company was received by a consumer:

        Regarding case #96768, Question on

        Dear Irving,

        Unfortunately, there are no current plans to produce a kosher. Thanks for your email and your interest in Kahlúa.


        If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

        Best regards


        Consumer contacts

        The Absolut Company

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        1. re: kosherdoc

          Simple, the company has no plans of getting Kahlua certified. However, rabbis that are willing to approve uncertified products approve of Kahlua. Search for Kahlua on the LBD site and you will see their answer, no speculation necessary.

        2. Is the problem that it's treif, or that it does not have a hashgacha? Is there a difference in the ingredients or processing in and out of the United States?

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          1. re: helou

            Kahlua in the US is bottled on the same equipment as non-kosher beverages. Kahlua in Mexico is not. The beverages are otherwise identical.

            Around 5-10 years ago the word went out that Kahlua's bottling facility in Mexico was no longer going to be supervised, so we drove to Tijuana, bought up a number of bottles and then stopped buying it. At the time I also wrote to Kahlua and got a similar response.

            That said - I have Mexican friends who will drink it. Since I don't live in London, I will start buying it again when a US or Mexican kashrut organization approves it.

          2. To add to the confusion, here's the latest statement from Kosher Australia:

            18) In response to queries re the Kosher status of Kahlua, the London Beth Din have advised that based on their investigations, Kahlua formulated for sales outside the United States is kosher pareve. Kahlua sold in the United States is formulated differently and not recommended.