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Sep 20, 2011 04:30 PM

Pumpkin and Pecan Pie

Hey everyone,
does anyone have a killer recipe for a pie that has a layer of pumpkin pie and then a layer of pecan pie..? I like my pecan pie really thick and gooey like a good buttertart. Any suggestions??
Also, Im not crazy about traditional pie crust.. any ideas for a good substitute as the crust?

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  1. I've been making this recipe from Gourmet since it came out in 2003, but I puree pumpkin instead of using canned. I'm very happy with it. You're on your own on the pie crust issue.

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      Thank you!
      I am considering a gingersnap crust.. would making a gingersnap crust and forming it in a tart pan (with a removable bottom) significantly change any baking times etc do you think?

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        I have used a gingersnap crust for pumpkin cheesecake, and it was delicious. Don't see why it wouldn't work as well in a pumpkin/pecan pie.....a little lighter and "snappier" than the traditional crust, which would be good with the richness of the pecan layer.

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          you could also make a nut (pecan/combo) crust.

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              not really... i just combine crushed pecans or pecan meal with almond meal or whatever meals i feel like using, a little sugar, add a dash of cinnamon, melted butter, pinch of salt, and press into pie plate.... you can taste it as you go...

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          L.Nightshade, do you do the recipe exactly as written? and it has come out nicely? i have never put sour cream in my pumpkin pie..

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            I make it exactly as written, and it's always been great. It's a small amount of sour cream, not like those (slightly creepy) pumpkin-sour cream pies that use one or two cups of sour cream.

            BTW, I just found my original clipping from the magazine. Much to my surprise, I've actually been making this since it's first publication in 1985! So maybe it's a touch old-fashioned.


          how about the addition of pumpkin seeds in a traditional graham cracker crust?

          a traditional shortbread cookie dough works well as a crust for both pumpkin & pecan pie.

          the pecan/pumpkin combo is:

          bonus link:
          to die for!

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              that pumpkin seed crust is a great idea!

            2. I made a Pecan-Pumpkin Pie a couple of years ago for Thanksgiving to introduce my Yankee in-laws to my Southern heritage. Unfortunately I lost the recipe when my computer crashed a few months ago.

              BTW, my in-laws LOVE my southern cooking!