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Sep 20, 2011 04:25 PM

Truck Stop - Eastern Market - Next Tuesday 9/27 - DTW

Thought this sounded interesting....

Facebook posting from Eastern Market:

To celebrate the success of our pilot season of Detroit Eastern Market Tuesdays and end on a high note, we are proud to bring a nationwide four-wheeled-phenomenon to the Motor City -- Detroit's first official food truck gathering -- Eastern Market Truck Stop!

Join us in Shed 2 on Tuesday, September 27 from 4pm - 8pm for this first-of-its-kind gathering of carts, trucks, and street food vendors from around Southeast Michigan. Sample a diverse array of dishes, experience entrepreneurship in action, and be a part of Detroit food history you will not want to miss!


- Concrete Cuisine - Creative comfort food-on-a-bus from Oakland County
- El Guapo Fresh Mexican Grill - Detroit's first street-legal taco truck
- Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes - Midtown's favorite fresh French crepes breaking free of brick & mortar
- San Street - Traditional Asian street food and aspiring Zingerman's Business visiting from Ann Arbor
- Trailer Park'd - Slow fast food from the Capitol
- Treat Dreams - Ferndale's funkiest hand-crafted ice cream cart
- Urban Grounds - Eastern Market veteran here to fuel us up with full-service coffee, cappuccino and espresso drinks

Plenty of seating, special entertainment, and taste sensations to delight you and yours!

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  1. Not one of the SW Detroit Taco or Ceviche trucks is a shame. They were food truck before it was cool....

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    1. re: JanPrimus

      I noticed that too. I can't imagine they would have snubbed them entirely. Maybe they couldn't make it? Hoping that is the case. I am definitely going. I love Trailer Park'd (from Lansing) don't get a chance to see them very often.

      1. re: Jack Freeman

        Oh I will go....but I hope it was not a hipster promoter snub thing.

        1. re: JanPrimus

          JP, just sent Eastern Market a message via FB asking why the SW trucks weren't participating. Waiting to hear the answer. If they were snubbed that will be just plain wrong!

          1. re: JanPrimus

            So...I checked the Eastern Market FB page, they have added a few more mobile kitchens, which is a good thing, but they removed my question about the SW trucks and provided no answer..hmm.

          2. re: Jack Freeman

            I could use me some San Street (I think). Besides, I need a kick in the backside to get myself down to E.M. so as to (re)stock up on Corridor Sausage. Yum, love those guys--wish they weren't so far out of the way. Thanks for the tip Jack Freeman.
            PS--I will go to Ninja Sushi, to "take one for the team," per your challenge. Just haven't yet gotten around to it...been cooking much at home for once. :-)

            Ninja Sushi
            33214 W 14 Mile Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48322

            1. re: VTB

              VTB, haven't tried Corridor Sausage yet, hear it's great. On my Detroit " to do" list!

              1. re: Jack Freeman

                I fully endorse Corridor Sausage,,,,,

                1. re: JanPrimus

                  Which Corridor Sausages do you like? I tried the lamb merguez months ago. Tasty but incredibly fatty (and I'm a lamb fan, but ground lamb doesn't have to be THAT fatty). Did I miss something better/less flame-inducing?

                  1. re: HillsofBeverly

                    Try the Vietnamese chicken. It reminds me of pho soup. I've been buying from Corridor Sausage ever since he showed up at Eastern Market in February 2011.

        2. Headed down shortly. Anyone else? I'll be the guy with the dorky blue jacket and a girl who is way out of my league :)

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          1. re: Wooderson

            Edit: Unfortunately my dorky blue jacket isn't waterproof so I bailed out on the ride down. Hope it was fun and a regular thing. Looking forward to the reports.

            1. re: Wooderson

              What a riot! We arrived at 6pm and just returned home a bit after 9pm. I seriously hope this becomes a regular event with the local food trucks. It was an interesting, diverse and fun crowd. The food was mostly really really good. We loved Trailer Park'd and San Street. We enjoyed the Pollo Chicken Torta and Tacos from Trailer Park'd and the Bao Gau from San Street. Would have killed to try Trailer Park'd's Beef Brisket but it sold out very quickly.

              We've had El Guapo, Treat Dreams and Good Girls Go To Paris before so we skipped those vendors. While we waited in line one of our friends grabbed a cup of coffee from Urban Grounds, it really wasn't great coffee..I hate to say..but the trailer is great. We also enjoyed Franks Anatra's hot dogs as an appetizer too. Those were yummy and the VW Bus is outstanding!!!

              Sadly by the time we tried those few items everything was sold out at the other trailers. Concrete Cuisine was one I definitely wanted to try but by the time we made it over to their truck they only had frickles and fries left and we weren't in the mood for something like that after an excellent taste from San Street.

              I would love to see this repeated with the addition of a few more trucks. Trailer Park'd is from Lansing and they have a neighbor truck there called the Purple Carrot that is all vegetarian that would have been an excellent addition.

              One thing I think that would help is if they had spread the trucks out a bit more since there seemed to be a mass of people with very confused lines forming from every direction.

              But for a first time event I have to say it was EXCELLENT! Can't wait for the next time!

              1. re: Jack Freeman

                Wow...I'm glad you enjoyed the event (it was *completely* impossible for me to go tonight), but I can't believe that you bothered with a hot dog from Franks Anatra. They're at several Home Depot/Lowe's locations in the area, and unless they've really, really upgraded their offerings, I wouldn't bother with them again, especially considering that there had to be some far better offerings from other trucks.

                Then again, I was pretty well schooled on my recent trip to Atlanta when I went to The Varsity...who knew anything called a "slaw dog" would be worth eating? But, in fact, they are!

                1. re: boagman

                  Boagman, we are regulars at the B'ham Farmers Market where Franks Anatra are vendors and while they have a good solid hotdog and sausage, when all the toppings are added, it was definitely not something we would have eaten tonight had the lines everywhere else been shorter. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't grabbed one I would have passed out waiting in Trailer Park'd's line. There was simply no walking up to a truck and eating in a short amount of time. We waited for almost an hour at several of the trucks. It really was very busy! We ran into your cousin and her husband there and were complaining there wasn't a dessert truck that served something chocolate. We happened to walk out to our cars together they miraculously produced a bag of chipotle chocolate chip cookies from there car for was the perfect dessert. To bad you missed it but I am certain they will do this again.

                  1. re: Jack Freeman

                    Ah, I get it...I wasn't getting the "ridiculously long wait times" part of the deal. Thus, any food is welcome to stave off the meanness that being hungry provides (at least, that's the case when *I'm* hungry, anyway).

                    I'm not at all surprised that Martha and her husband were able to satisfy your sweet tooth on the go...that's just the kind of people that they are! Glad you were able to enjoy!