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Sep 20, 2011 04:21 PM

Red Velvet Cake Hunt! What's the best bakery for a red velvet wedding cake?

Ugh, so my plans on using Cake Man Raven fell through; I kept going into the CMR shop to make an order for a (VERY simple, no decorations) tiered red velvet cake for 100 people, and the teenagers at the shop kept saying to come in when Cake Man was around. They never knew when he'd stop by, of course, and I should have taken this as a sign to move on... but I REALLY REALLY wanted CMR to make our wedding cake. Today the poor kid at the cash register told me to look elsewhere, as apparently dozens of upset customers were canceling their big orders.

So I need a backup. Ideally I'd love a local Brooklyn bakery with a solid reputation for old school red velvet cakes with cream cheese frosting. Manhattan is OK too, if BK can't come through.

I'm not considering Two Red Hens at the moment because they don't do stacking, and I was hoping for a tiered round cake.

Cake Man Raven
708 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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  1. No clue if they do tiered cakes but if you want old-school, no pretension, just really good cake of the red velvet sort we have been really happy with Lord's Bakery on Nostrand at Flatbush. Aesthetically speaking, they arent beautiful, but i guess id recommend you decide yourself if you like the look/taste as i cant say what people do or do not find attractive (see, for example, momofuku wedding cakes).

    Lords Bakery
    2135 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210

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      yes, Lord's may be the best red velvet cake i've ever had...

    2. I'd go with this baker. I've seen his stuff on TV and it looks terrific. Also, he does red velvet and delivers to Brooklyn and Manhattan..

      1. I'm really surprised that Two Red Hens (or Ladybird in Brooklyn) won't do stacked cakes. They did my stacked wedding cake. I also saw their wedding cake portfolio and other cakes were stacked. Is this a new thing? Or is it possible that the person misunderstood you?

        1. I'm almost loathe to recommend them because I've encountered such attitude problems with the staff recently... but... Baked has the best red velvet cake in my opinion. Their crumb nonpareil, they are unimpeachable in their genre of american classics. The buttercream is not cream cheese, which is a plus in my opinion. The cake is delicately flavored with cocoa and cinnamon and cream cheese frosting can be overpoweringly tangy and sweet. Lastly the cake is more naturally colored, not day-glo red. The bright neon red of other cakes just screams cancer to me.

          359 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          1. Not outer boroughs, but my wife and I got a red velvet cake from Sweet Element based in East Orange, NJ for our wedding a few months ago. The cake was outstanding: not at all dry (like red velvet can sometimes be), just a hint of chocolate flavor in the cake, and a good balance between sweet and tart in the cream cheese frosting. Highly, highly recommended.