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Sep 20, 2011 03:38 PM

American in Wellington Needs Help Finding a Decent Burger

I've been in Wellington for the past 8 months and have yet to find a good burger. I am now in desperation mode.

We've got an important rugby game coming up (USA vs. Australia), and we're doing an All-American theme night before we go to the game. One of which includes scarfing down some good burgers and fries with a thick, frosty milkshake before the game somewhere in the CBD.

This is as easy as finding a live unicorn, my friends. Any suggestion would be much appreciated, unless of course if it's McD's, Burger Fuel or Burger Wisconsin.


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  1. I'm not sure if you'd be willing to make your own, but I've tried this recipe a few times and comes suprisingly close to the original. I'm sure if I tried them side by side, I'd notice the difference, but being 10,000 miles away it's fits the bill.

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    1. re: BeanTownGolfer

      Thanks, BTG. Will try that recipe at some point, but our group needs to be close to the stadium on Friday night so cooking at my house won't be an option.

      Lordy, how I miss my in-n-out burgers!

    2. BTW: I found neon green relish at the Pak n Save in Kilbirnie. All I need now are some good brats, bake some soft buns, celery salt, a pickle spear, chopped onion, mayo and yellow mustard and tomato slices.


      1. You would think that w all the same raw ingredients it would be possible, but I have yet to find a hamburger or milkshake that tastes American to me. All the hamburgers, at least in Australia, seem to have the wrong consistency. same w milkshakes.

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        1. re: debbieann

          I agree, debbieann. I'm still looking for a solid burger that doesn't taste like cardboard.

          It doesn't even have to "taste American." It just has to taste GOOD. I like my beef patties thick and juicy. I like my buns to be toasted and soft; a little iceberg lettuce, a couple of thin slices of tomato, some onions, some pickle slices, mayo, ketchup, mustard.


          1. re: mayt

            I know, I could cry too, but it is also good that you can't get everything everywhere and there are things that are better here than they are in the US. I just have to remind myself to stop ordering hamburgers, because I am always disappointed.

        2. I know this doesn't help you , but the all meat burgers at murder burgers (in auckland) are alright, problem is when you order a burger here you have to make sure it is all meat, and even then that is not a guarantee of quality.

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          1. re: iondiode

            Thanks, I'll try that next time I'm up in Auckland.

            Well, we decided on either Arizona (to yuck it up) or Leuven (for the Belgian beers) in the Wellington CBD.

            I've really gotten into the sustainable/local eating in NZ. The produce is fresh, the meats are very tasty (grass-fed) and I love the seasonality of the food. It's just those darn burgers!

          2. Joe's Garage on Tory Street in Wellington has a pretty good burger. It's basically a bacon cheeseburger, and not quite American, but pretty good.

            But I don't think any burger would have helped you through the USA vs. Australia Rugby game.