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Sep 20, 2011 03:04 PM

Cocktail for comfort food cocktail party

At my cocktail parties, I like to have a make-ahead cocktail that can be served from pitchers with ice. Usually my parties are in spring and summer, so I'd do something like a gin/cucumber/lime concoction. This time I'm doing little bites of comfort food: mini chicken and waffles, tiny cups of tomato soup with grilled cheese, pickled vegetables, pigs in blankets, etc.

While a classic punch is an option, I might want to branch out.

It's my husband's birthday, so the cocktail could incorporate one of his favorite flavors: pumpkin (though I might do a pumpkin dessert, the main dessert is a chocolate chip cookie icebox cake), scotch, coconut. Then again, it doesn't have to, and he'd probably be as happy drinking a beer. I don't want anything too sweet or fruity, but at the same time I don't want a drink that's so strong it knocks your socks off.

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  1. the mix of food seems to be the hard part to match. I would think a nice Mojito,-maybe a pomegranate or coconut would be good, though a regular one would be good as well, Or maybe just a pineapple juice with coconut rum would be good.
    Me personally, I would just drink the scotch on the rocks !!

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        Ah, a modified Gin Buck without the ginger ale/ginger beer ...

      2. What about a "John Daily" I think that is the correct name. It is an alcholic version of an "Arnold Palmer". Sweet Tea vodka and lemonade. Just make sure people are warned, as it goes down very smoothly LOL.

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          This might be just the thing. Not too cold-weathery, but down home feeling. And mimics the beverages at our fried-chicken wedding ages ago. Pumpkin beer sounds great, but I don't feel like sugaring rims. The gin and ginger is great too.

          1. re: sweetpotater

            If you get a good pumpkin beer you won't want to sugar the rims. Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin ale (if you can find it), Dogfish head Punkin ale are both good choices. Southern Tier Pumking has a great reputation but the one time I had it I wasn't impressed. I do want to try it again because there might have been a problem with the bar, I also wasn't impressed with the draft Bell's Expedition stout I had and it is one of my favorite beers in a bottle.

        2. We were invited to watch a football game a few weeks ago at the house of a friend who always makes and serves seriously delicious and inventive food. This time she served a pumkin beer in pint glasses rimmed with sugar and cinnamon. I can't wait to steal that idea from her!

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            That is a cool idea, mind if I steal too :)

          2. As much of an obsessive cocktail geek as I am... I think your best bet is beer. I think if you really really want a cocktail, a well-made whisky sour (squeeze your own lemons!) will get the best mileage.

            Also, if you find it's getting chilly in your neck of the woods, a little tot of hot buttered rum after or with dessert would go over very nicely. It's barely hitting 70 for the low around here, so your mileage will almost certainly vary on that one!