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Sep 20, 2011 02:57 PM

Goodies to hand out??

I would like to make something to hand out to people while visiting relatives next week with the following criterias:

1. Can be made after work, cool, vacumm seal, done within the 2 days.
2. Will survive a TSA and a long flight to Asia, with possible bumps, etc.
3. Will hold for around 2 weeks min.
4. Its humid there, so crispy/delicate cookies are out of the question.
5. Make in a big batch, have around 10 baggies+ and more for snacking

Here are a few of my ideas:
Truffles- infused with something special (might be too labor intensive?)
PB cups in dark chocolate
Roasted almonds (does anyone have a nice recipe with egg white, rosemary and a pleasant sugary coating to share?)

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  1. I have a spiced nuts recipe that is sweet and spicy, I use mixed nuts in the big container from BJ's for it.

    I would think truffles would be a challenge w/temp changes or humidity?

    How about Peanut Brittle?

    lmk if you want recipes!

    1. is some variation of Rice Krispie Treats too gauche?
      magic bars?
      pumpkin seed crunch, cookies or brittle?
      jellied squares?