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Sep 20, 2011 02:51 PM

Yogurtland.... :)

Just discovered this place. YUM! Traveled special to go to the two in the SFV (V.N. Blvd and Reseda/Tampa). Was never a fan of Froyo (except @ Farm Boys) but, wow this is delish.

My fav combo is Taro, Pistachio and Kona Coffee but, just finished Dutch Chocolate/New York Cheesecake which was delish too.

Have you been? What your favorite flavors/combos?

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  1. big fan, but froyo life is even better (of course far fewer in number).

    1. Great place. There are quite a few. The original I believe was in Berkeley. Great fruit toppings.

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        The first Yogurtland was in Fullerton Ca. There are now 150 world wide at the moment.

      2. I would have to say I prefer Menchies.
        I am all about cookies and cream and cheesecake bites. Sometimes a little red velvet and cake batter. so good.