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Sep 20, 2011 02:45 PM

Anyone eaten at a Tavola in New Paltz?

I'm curious about this place, in the spot where Beso used to be. Has anyone eaten there, and have an opinion? Thanks

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    1. We went this past weekend. I was very impressed and will definitely return. The owners have changed the interior from Beso, creating a comfortable country Italian atmosphere. The octopus appetizer was wonderful. I ran into a friend eating there at the same time as we were there and she later reported that that was her favorite, too. They have a nice selection of pastas. We shared the special as an appetizer. Not sure what was in it, but it was very good. The entrees were excellent, too. The word is that the chicken under a brick is fabulous, but I almost never order chicken out and went with the short ribs. They were very good-maybe the chicken next time. Wonderful desserts- a plum crisp and a light chocolate dessert called a tortino. We had excellent, well informed and well trained service.

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        Thank you! I was beginning to wonder if anyone had eaten here ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it and will try to go soon!

      2. My husband and I had a superb meal at A Tavola last night. From service to ambiance to food, everything was fantastic.

        As soon as we arrived, we were seated promptly. Based on our experience, it's not a restaurant for a quiet romantic dinner, but rather for an evening of great conversation and laughs. Our server was warm and attentive.

        Now, on to the food...

        My husband ordered the glazed pork belly. I was looking for something a little lighter, so I ordered a half order of the spring pea tortilla as a starter. The tortilla was delicious--perfectly cooked pasta, filled with pureed spring peas with a hint of mint, with mushrooms and almonds. I normally hate mushrooms, but this dish really was a winning combination. The spring pea and mint were sublime. The pork belly was delicious, but a little too heavy for me. My husband enjoyed it.

        I ordered the arctic char special while my husband ordered the chicken under a brick. I'd never had arctic char before, so I didn't really know what to expect (the inclusion of ramps in the dish initially piqued my interest). It tasted like a light flaky fish, with a slighty heavier texture, somewhat close to salmon. The skin was perfectly crisp. Prepared with ramps (my first time trying them), baby turnips, and baby carrots, I was very happy with my dish. I think I'm spoiled for life when it comes to ramps because this entree was so good. I tried a few bites of the chicken under a brick. A server told us that the skin is prepped with a salt/sugar crust. It was the ideal balance of sweet and savory. It came with charred escarole and potatoes. I am planning to order it the next time I go.

        We were pretty full when it came time for dessert, so my husband ordered the affogato (salted caramel gelato, chocolate biscotti crumbles, topped with a small shot of espresso), while I ordered the sorbet (one scoop of blood orange and one scoop of local apple with a touch of maple syrup). When DH's gelato came out, we were blown away by the taste. I love fleur del sel caramels, so it was a thrill to taste it in gelato form. Combined with the biscotti and espresso, it was a great ending to our meal. My sorbet was lovely, light, and refreshing. The blood orange sorbet was delicious, but the apple sorbet was outstanding. My husband kept on sneaking bites of my dessert, even though he is not a sweets person at all.

        Our experience at A Tavola was so great that we started thinking of friends we wanted to invite along to our next date there over dessert.

        Highly, highly recommend this restaurant. It supplanted Il Cenacolo and Rraci's on our list of Top 3 Italian restaurants in the area (sorry, Aroma Osteria!).

        1. I totally agree with the other reviews. A Tavola has become our go to place for a special meal. The food is well prepared, the wait staff friendly and helpful. The meal can be very affordable with splitting portions of pasta ( the servings are quite generous)