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Sep 20, 2011 02:25 PM

Wine for Bread Pudding with Spiced Rum Sauce

I am attending a wine dinner this weekend and am going to bring Bread Pudding with Spiced Rum Sauce. I am looking for recommendations on a wine to bring. I am thinking an Ice Wine but am wondering what other options would be suitable. I live in northern BC so my options are definitely limited to what is on offer at the local BC liquor store....although we do now have a Signature outlet which has increased our selection.

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  1. The Spiced Rum Sauce might be tricky to pair. The combo of the rum, spices and sugar create an intensity most wines can't match. My first impulse was to say to serve coffee.

    If you want to serve wine with a Spiced Rum sauce, something like a very dark PX Sherry might work (the "Venerable" by Domecq is what I'm thinking) or an Australian Dessert Muscat like that Yalumba makes. Make sure the sauce is less sweet than the wine (the classic rule). Still, my sense is to not pair rum with a wine.

    Were it me going to a wine dinner, I'd change the sauce. I've had many an incredible bread pudding (especially those made with fresh or dried fruits) paired with Sabayon Sauce (crème anglaise) and served with a Sauternes-style wine (or any late-harvest wine affected by botrytis). It's actually one of my favorite pairings. An ice wine will work if you can't find a Sauternes-style wine.

    Sabayon is relatively easy to make and can be made ahead of time and refrigerated, then carted to the party in a plastic container and chilled again. Happy to provide a recipe if you're interested.

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      Hi Maria.....thanks for the suggestion....I am definitely going to look at changing up the sauce. Didn't realize that the rum sauce would be so difficult to pair up. I will check out some recipes for the Sabayon Sauce and I love that it can be made ahead of time and kept chilled till serving. I have another function to attend and will be arriving late thus why I chose to do a dessert and wine pairing and the less to do when I arrive at the party, the better.

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        Maria nailed it. Rum with wine is not a great pairing. And you do want to leave them smacking their lips all around.

      2. If you can, bring a _good_ bottle of rum.

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          Unfortunately bringing rum isn't an option. It is a wine tasting club and each of us needs to bring a dish and match it up to a wine. As I'm arriving late, I chose to do a dessert and needed something easy to do and that I could make ahead. With the fall weather that we are getting, I thought a bread pudding would work well and found one I liked with the rum sauce. As mentioned in my previous post, I will look at changing up the sauce.

          1. re: newbie5

            sorry, I misread you, I did not get that you were making the pudding.

            I'd do an apple sauce thing with an apple ice-wine (if you can find some in BC).

        2. I agree with Maria's PX suggestion. If it must be wine, and it appears that it must be, that's the direction I'd go.

          1. I know Im late to the party, but, an Anzu Tokaji would be fantastic.