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Sep 20, 2011 12:46 PM

What to cook in LC buffet pan?

I just got my first LC piece, a red buffet. I believe it's 30 cm across and 5 qt. Basically a big saute pan, maybe a little deeper, if you haven't seen that piece. I'm excited to use it but realized I'm not sure what to cook in it! I know it's supposed to be good for braising (which I've never done). What else would you use it for? I'm new to this whole cast iron world!

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  1. Nice pan. Have a great time with it.
    Sometimes you will have to adjust recipe to fit the pan perfectly, but braises are very adjustable. (never forget to use a nice wine (I often use dry vermouth for the white wine)) Included some recipes in case.

    Chicken chasseur, cacciatore (M. Hazen), fricassee (Julia Child)
    Eggplant and Summer Vegetable Gratin (Madison)
    Crusty Potatoes, Tomatoes and Onions (Lemlin)
    Arroz con Pollo
    Beef Bourguignon I use Julia Child (lower oven temp
    )Mac and Cheese
    Couscous, Spinach, Tomato Bake (Lemlin)
    Julia Child's Ratatouille (best in a heavy cast iron so it will not burn, but cook enough to meld and .....

    Happy cooking. I think you ma want to move this to "Home Cooking" if you want recipe suggestions.

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      Thanks for the great suggestions and links! I will move this to the other board to get more recipe ideas.

    2. curries, rice pilaf, dirty rice, mac and cheese ( although I switched to the LC enameled cast iron au gratin now), I simmer small meatballs in sauce in mine too. Plus pretty much anything you'd use a sauté pan for so pork chops, chicken, I use mine for searing tri-tip before putting it in the oven to finish cooking.

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        Thanks! I think I am going to make pork chops tonight to "break it in."