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Sep 20, 2011 12:14 PM

Pizza Stone on BBQ

My pizza stone cracked, the grill had reached 600F. Is this normal, should I not use it in a BBQ?
I used to use it on my old grill which wouldn't get as hot w/o problems.

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  1. A couple of things.
    1. Use it indirect not directly over the coals. I've gotten my BGE up to 1200 degrees with a pizza stone with no problems.

    2. Let the stone heat up with the grill. Don't put a room temperature stone in a grill that's already hot.

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    1. re: achtungpv

      1. I'm using a natural gas grill and would have a hard time to put it on indirect heat, I'd have to get a smaller stone.

      2. Good point, I put the stone directly on the pre-heated grill.

      1. re: ios94

        To solve #1, just get a few fire bricks to put under the pizza stone then it's not a direct flame under it. I'd put a few wadded up and flattened foil balls under the pizza stone to elevate it a bit and get some hot air flow under it.

        1. re: achtungpv

          OR, you could just bake directly on the firebricks if you're going to go to the trouble of getting some. That is, after all, the cooking surface in a wood-fired oven which is what you're trying to approximate in a BBQ. Putting the stone on top of bricks seems like it defeats the purpose of both things, IMO. They'll take longer to heat up (like a couple of hours to be fully heat soaked) but won't ever crack.
          Regular pizza stones eventually ALWAYS break, and it's always due to thermal shock, IME.

    2. We used a large one on our Kamado#5 and it was too big. Then we saw a smaller cast iron pan with about 1" sides on it and ordered it. It is great, we don't have to worry about the heat, and since we are making Meatza, which has a meat crust, instead of bread, the juices don't run off and burn, either inside the oven or out on the grill.
      I have a Pampered Chef stone and looked it up. It said not to heat above 400 degrees. I've always used it at 425 so I know it's safe there. Interestingly enough, the cast iron pan said the same temperature.

      1. The big green egg brand pizza stone it's meant to be used on the grill and is thicker than the average pizza stone. It's fine being used direct, in fact many people use it instead of the plate setter with the adjustable rig to create indirect cooking.