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Sep 20, 2011 12:03 PM

Looking for a lunch truck for a Sunnyvale campus onsite patio event

Our office campus includse 13 tenants and nearly 1,000 employees in three buildings. We are located near 150 Aries Way in Sunnyvale, 94086. We want to sponsor an onsite lunch truck event in November for the campus and pay for the first 100 lunches (up to $600) for employees who participate.

However, I don't know how to locate a listing of lunch truck vendors that can come to this event. Some trucks like In-n-Out Burgers require a minimum lunch order that is too high a price.

Is there a list of lunch truck vendors that serve the downtown Sunnyvale area (near Caltrain and the Macy's center)? Or, how can one find a web site of lunch truck vendors?

Thank you for your assstance.


916 471-5827

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  1. I don't know of any listings of lunch trucks but I do know that Louisiana Territory and their sister truck No Way Jose often post Facebook feeds saying their truck(s) are at a private event and not available to the public on some days. Not sure about their rates/minimums but you can contact them - both are run by Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme (


    Louisiana Territory
    Mountain View, Mountain View, CA

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        Didn't even know there was a "list" feature : )

        Noticed that Eat on Monday was missing...

      2. I used to work in Sunnyvale, all of the lunch trucks I used to eat from were "nothing special", not close to the trucks I see on television. Most of the trucks I have experience with had "routes", they would come to my work (between 10:45-11:00), toot their horn and park in the back. In ~20 years, I ate from ~4-6 trucks. When my work would move, we would call Lee's Catering and they would send out a truck. A long time ago, Mr Le started running a lunch truck, he eventually controlled (owned) many of the trucks in Silicon Valley, he had large parking lots and a "store". Based on the number of trucks in his lots, I think he owned ~30-50 trucks. I believe he retired a few years ago, I believe Lee's Sandwiches is run by the next generation of Le's. Phone number for Lee's Industrial Catering; 408 275-0700. That said, there are "designer" lunch trucks in the area, I often see them on weekends at: the flea market, parked on Oakland Road, parked in shopping center lots, driving on the road.

        Since retiring, I am seldom in the area. Unless someone recommends a truck, I recommend parking along Central Expressway and look for trucks, get some phone numbers off of the trucks. Also, drive/walk/bike the area close to your campus, from ~10:30 to 12:30 and listen for the "horn". I don't remember seeing a truck at the Sunnyvale Caltrain Station, but at the Lawrence Caltrain Station, there were often 2-3 trucks, 1 at the station, 1 behind Costco, and 1 ~2 blocks away at a carpet business. There used to be an independent truck (not one of Lee's) at an auto body repair shop at Mathilda and Almanor, the served the "usual" and specialized in Mexican.

        edit: I looked at the yelp list, none of the truck names looked familar to me. I recommended parking along Central Expressway and writing down phone numbers of trucks, you can not park along Central, but rather park in a lot close to Central, walk to Central.