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Non-cake ideas for using up boxed cake mix?

I have been given a few too many boxed cake mixes from a well-intentioned shopper who stocks up when they go below $1. Our house loves its sweets, but I find that cake (even the good from scratch ones) never get eaten as quick as cookies, bars, brownies, etc. Does anyone have a great recipe to use these things up? I have all varities, from lemon to dark chocolate, vanilla, butter, white, red velvet, no spice cake mix in the group though.

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  1. These are tasty:


    They're made with Cool whip--
    this is what's in Cool Whip
    "Cool Whip Original is made of water, hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, skim milk, light cream, and less than 2% sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), natural and artificial flavor, xanthan and guar gums, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, and beta carotene (as a coloring).[5] In some markets, such as Canada and the United States, Cool Whip is available in an aerosol can using nitrous oxide as a propellant. Cool Whip was formerly marketed as non-dairy, but in Jewish dietary traditions, Cool Whip was classified as dairy rather than parve (non-meat and non-dairy) because of the sodium caseinate (which is derived from milk). Cool Whip now contains milk and cream."

    1. Just came across a recipe this a.m. that called for cake mix and cnned pumpkin for pumpkin cookies. That's all, and they asked for spice cake mix, but I was thinking gingerbread mix or a white or yellow cake with added spice. Maybe allrecipes.com or cooks.com

      1. I love boxed cake mix! My favorite way to eat it is to lightly sprinkle dry chocolate cake mix over vanilla ice cream. The sweet/salty combination with the creamy/gritty texture is very pleasing to me.

        We call it a "Dusty Road" sundae.

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          Wow! What a great idea! Anytime you involve ice cream, you have my undivided attention.

        2. "Our house loves its sweets, but I find that cake (even the good from scratch ones) never get eaten as quick as cookies, bars, brownies, etc."

          The Cake Mix Doctor books have recipes for cookies and bars made from cake mixes.

          1. I've made these peanut butter bars a couple of times and everyone loves them.


            1. I do cake mix cookies...there are a ton of recipes on allrecipes.com, the one I use is 2 eggs and a melted stick of butter. choc cake mix w/choc chips added to it are actually quite good! but I do all sorts...vanilla w/sprinkles mixed in for "party cake" flavor, or any combo you would like/have on hand of cake mix with nuts, chips, etc

              1. On the last episode of "Rescue Me" they used it to replace the lost ashes of a cremated fireman so they'd have something to scatter. Just sayinzall. :-)

                1. If you make any bars w/ a sweetened oat/nut topping, you could add some mix instead of the sugar and sprinkle on top. Also, a dump cake can be tasty. Take canned pie filling (or make your own), put in either 9x13 pan or individual remekins, swirl in cake mix and also sprinkle on top and a little melted butter. Bake about 20 min or until browned on top. Add nuts if wanted. Yellow cake mix, w/ cherries and pineapplew w/ pecans or cashews is very good. This comes out more like a cobbler than cake. Use a much mix as you wish depending on the desired thickness of the top "crust".

                  1. I came across another cake mix bar recipe that I've used and enjoyed...Raspberry Oatmeal bars...

                    Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

                    1 package yellow cake mix

                    2½ cups quick cooking oats

                    1½ sticks butter, melted

                    1 cup raspberry preserves

                    1 tablespooon water

                    Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

                    Grease 9x12x2 pan.

                    Combine cake mix and oats in large bowl, add melted butter, and stir until crumbly.

                    Measure half the crumb mixture into pan and press firmly to cover bottom.

                    Combine preserves and water, stir until blended and spread over crumb

                    mixture in pan.

                    Sprinkle remaining crumb mixture over preserves and pat firmly to make top even.

                    Bake at 375 for 18 to 23 minutes or until top is light brown.

                    Cool in pan on rack.

                    1. My mom made a recipe very similar to this:


                      It's a pumpkin "dump cake" kinda thing that we really liked.

                      1. cake batter ice cream is the only real answer here!

                        1. Waffles -- mix one box with 1/4-1/2 tsp salt, 4 egg yolks, and 1 1/2 c milk/cream, then beat 4 egg whites to stiff peaks and fold in gently. add in other mix-ins according to flavor if you like, and cook in waffle iron.

                          Mini Cheesecakes - Combine the cake flavor (red velvet) with a little butter to form something that you can press into mini muffin tins. Fill with your favorite creamy cheesecake recipe and bake.

                          Trifles - bake a cake as you like - i always add more vanilla :) then let dry out and create crumbs; use in trifles in place of cake or parfaits with yogurt or custard

                          Ice cream Swirl - mix cake mix with just enough milk to make it gloppy and pourable but not runny; add into ice cream maker in a drizzle like you would other mix=ins.

                          good luck!

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                            I love the waffle idea too! I never would have thought of that, but we are definitely trying that soon.
                            Oh, and, absolutely doing the ice cream swirl, talk about an easy way to get your ice cream fix!

                          2. If you have any kids around, these cupcake ice cream cones are always popular...