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Sep 20, 2011 11:05 AM

How to rescue bad-tasting/textured veal wurst (sausage)

I had a huge hankering for frankfurters here in Israel where I iive --- and I've just bought some smoked veal (frank-styled) sausage. Alas, It's terrible, horrible awful -- I could barely swallow a small bite of it.
Normally I rather like fresh frankfurter sausages from the Polish or Russian stores in the US... I can eat them straight from the store without heating/boiling.

These look like those, but are over over salted, and the texture is pasty and floury somehow, also it tasted wildly beefy and gamey.... very unlike any veal sausage I've had before. The taste I don't mind so much, but the texture makes me shudder.

I don't know what happened, but I closed my eyes for a second in the grocery store and my husband managed to spend 20$ on sausage that's worth Zero. I said buy "two links".

Ok, so please anyone, are there some ideas to cook this to make it edible? I hate to just throw them out.
In particular is there anything to do to improve it's texture. Do you think cooking it, boiling, frying, etc will improve this.

Veal sausage curry has crossed my mind.... (hah) 2 evils... maybe....

Boil in beer? Acid? Fried in lard or tallow?

Incidentally if anyone knows anything about how the texture of sausage is created or "uncreated/ruined" in this case, please share. I am getting slightly depressed over the state of cured/smoked meats here and might try to make some myself at some point.


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  1. Slice it thinly and mix it with a large volume of something you like. You know, like getting a baby to eat something, or giving a pill to a dog.

    1. What about summoning up some chutzpah and returning the sausage to the store for a refund? Your complaint may save others from a similar sausage-y fate.

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      1. re: almond tree

        I don't think one does stuff like that here with unsealed items -- at least I'm not sure one can return stuff from the open deli section....
        I know... I'm clearly the freiyer... who knows maybe some people like it like that? Who am I to offend them?

        Gonna be doing a lot of slicing thinly.... casserole to bring somewhere....

        1. re: sharmilad

          After 20 years in Israel, I would definitely return it to the store. There are few hard-and-fast rules about such things here. It tends to depend on the assurance you project that your claim is valid .. in other words, your air of non-freiyerhood.
          I also have a hard time forcing myself to eat up bad-tasting food - makes me feel like a little kid faced with a very large plateful of burnt slimy liver :(