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Sep 20, 2011 10:47 AM

Why are people so worried about nonstick pans?

Here is why I don't consider buying any nonstick pan:
Just the thought of breathing the fumes worries me.

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  1. Yes, the reason I don't use them also; I have two birds now but have had as many as five.

    1. I made a nice omelet this morning for the 2 of us in my nonstick frypan. If you don't heat the pan on high, and you shouldn't, and you don't walk off and leave it on the burner, you won't breathe any fumes. If you do walk off and leave the pan, yes you will have fumes, and it will not be pleasant. (Ask me how I know this!) If you walk off and leave a stainless steel pan on the burner to burn dry, you will also have fumes.

      I wouldn't have non-stick in a house that had birds though.