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Sep 20, 2011 10:10 AM

Fresh air in Farmington valley [Avon Indian Grill on Rte 44]

I have been meaning to write about this place for ages. The food is consistently wonderful. If you don't know anything about Indian food, don't worry. The staff is extremely helpful and will guide you through the menu. For once when they offer you a spice level (mild, medium, hot) they mean it and here spice does not just mean heat. Though their spicy food is indeed spicy (a nice change), the blend of herbs and flavors is exceptional. The decor is modern and clean and they have some decent wines. Try the squid or lamb chop appetizers, the chicken tikka, the saag, the shrinp bhuna..etc etc. For cocktails have a grown up mango lassi - the "Bombay Beach"! In an area that is somewhat restaurant-deprived, this place is a welcome addition.

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  1. Which place are you referring to?

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      Oops - I put it in the title but I guess it got lost somewhere. Avon INdian Grill - where Better Bedding used to be on Rte 44.

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        I eat lunch there often, love the buffet. It's a great way to try out new dishes (the okra is one of my favorites). At dinner, they are helpful with suggestions; I like the new decor too.