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Sep 20, 2011 09:59 AM

Vicky's Bakery or Versailles?

Trying to squeeze as much in as I can on this short trip...want to try some Cuban pastries for the first time.

Which bakery would you pick? Or are there better?


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  1. I'd pick Versailles' bakery. Good pastries with relatively fast turn-around and the bakery is open late into the night. Not many late-nighter bakeries can tout the success of Versailles (and there's only one Versailles bakery). Also, for Vicky's, I don't think they're all good. It depends on the location. I had mixed results with the one located in northwestern Miami Lakes area.

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    1. re: mialebven

      I happen to agree with mialebven......Versailles would get the nod....over "Vicky Bakery".......Most latin businesses don't use the 's in their names...(LOL!)......Versailles for pastelitos and masas de puerco y ropa vieja y y y y.........

      Ft. Pierce, FL

      1. re: LargeLife

        Yup! Just avoid the breakfast at Versailles and go for the bakery goods. Their tortillas are an omelette instead of a frittata/tortilla espanola, and they use American cheese instead of any of the Latin cheeses, and paltry french fries with eggs.

        But regardless, the bakery is among the favorites of Cuban bakeries.

        1. re: mialebven

          Thanks! Can't wait to give it a try! Any recommendations other than these pastelitos I've been reading about?

          BTW what is the cheese like in these? I'm assuming it's like a sweet cheese? I'm Italian and we use a lot of ricotta in it similar? Thanks!!

          1. re: umieesa

            For me...the Argentenian pastelitos are best.....they're baked.....not fried and they dont spare the quality meats that Argentina is known for.....Somewhat bigger....baked....tasty.....Patagonia on 41st Street in Doral is OUTSTANDING and the MOTHER CHURCH of Argentinian pastelitos......

            Ft. Pierce, FL

            1. re: LargeLife

              LL - I think you may be talking about empanadas. Those are different than pastelitos. I agree, I like Argentine empanadas much more than the fried Cuban ones (I'll throw in Graziano's in the Gables and Bird Rd. for great empanadas).

              As for pastelitos, those are the puff pastry offerings with either meat, guava paste, sweetened cream cheese, etc. Vicky (make sure it's Vicky, not VIcky's) or Versailles would be fine. I'd also throw in Gilberts as they make smaller versions so you get to try more with the same guilt.

              Graziano's Restaurant
              9227 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33165

              1. re: lax2mia

                For the sake of clarification, "pasteles" are empanadas (usually stuffed with savory fillings - and are more often used term than empanadas in South America - especially since empanadas are a more common term to reference the corn-dough variety of empanadas); "pastelitos" are sweet puff pastries you see in Latin American bakeries stuffed with guava, etc. (usually a sweet filling).

                So yeah, I think Emac were thinking of pasteles, not pastelitos.

                1. re: mialebven

                  I was thinking pastelitos, but I definitely don't mind trying pasteles too! ;)

                  1. re: mialebven

                    I'll disagree with you a bit that "pasteles" are the same as "empanadas", at least not everywhere. For Cubans, a pastel is a cake or pastry. For Puerto Ricans, a pastel is a concoction based on plantains and meat. As for empanada, I've never seen them called pasteles in Argentina or Chile. Maybe in other places in South America? It's funny that the world pastel is used for so many different things and depends on where you are. Umiessa, guess you're gonna have to try them all to see which one you like best!


                    1. re: lax2mia

                      I guess so! For the sake of research of course...;)

                      1. re: lax2mia

                        I have never been to Argentina or Chile - but after thinking about it, they do call them empanadas and not pasteles in Argentine/Chilean restaurants around here. I guess I should have said South America outside of the southern cone since they are probably not producers nor consumers of corn in which the empanadas are made of in the northern part. But I do know Brazil and Venezuela call them pasteles and I've seen them being referenced as such even here in Miami.

                        Places that specialize on "pasteles" using such term:
                        Casa do Pastel (House of Pasteles/Empanadas) in Pompano Beach
                        Pastel Gourmet in several locations in Miami (downtown, coral way, doral)

                        And even fast food places:
                        Doggi's & More - a late night fast food Venezuelan joint on Coral Way next to LifeFood and Karlo bakery (near Mykonos)

                        Mykonos Restaurant
                        1201 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145

                        1. re: mialebven

                          I like the empanadas from Patagonia and Pamela -- as Herman Cain says," The Chilean Model" on Bird.

                          1. re: taiga

                            I didn't mean to cause such a stir......I meant empanadas!!......We buy them from Patagonia every other Friday.....Love their empanadas.....hate their attitude......Management is a little cocky there.....