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Sep 20, 2011 09:52 AM

Yen Ching Palace at Bayview Village

My dad went to eat there the other day and disappointingly discovered it had closed the day before. Anyone know the scoop? I've had a lifetime of family meals there, so this is unfortunate to hear.

Yen Ching Palace Restaurant
2901 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M2K1E6, CA

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  1. They are closing, but I believe Yenching is being replaced by another Chinese restaurant.

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    1. re: taterbrandy

      They were very busy, and very nice people.
      I wonder if the lease expired and they got booted?
      I hope the new resto is yummy, fingers crossed.
      Hopefully more dishes with fewer brown sauces. No offence intended to brown sauce lovers but a nice simple sun yeung (garlic) stirfry is something I am happy to eat several days a week without regrets. Brown sauces once every few dishes is fine but too often kills my sodium level intake.
      Please post on the scoop!

    2. I went to this restaurant from time to time. Was there earlier this month and the owner told me they decided to sell the business after being there for 30+ years. The owner didn't say what restaurant but it would be Cantonese style.

      Was at Bayview Village again earlier this week, and the signage outside says it will be replaced by Pearl. Same logo / style of lettering as the restaurant at Harbourfront which means good albeit pricer food.

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      1. re: JackSpade

        Definitely would be a price hike if the Bayview Village location has a menu similar to the Harbourfront location

      2. I am in sad shock over this... I would have gone for a farewell meal if I had known... my childhood memories of this place... I will miss Yen Ching!

        1. I have been going there since I came to Toronto in 1983. It was my introduction to non-Canadian chop suey type Chinese food. Such a shame that I didn't know it was closing as I, too, would have gone for a farewell banquet with all my family. It was one of my favourite restaurants in the area. Always good and always very quick.