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Sep 20, 2011 08:58 AM

Eating in the Minervois?

We will be staying for two weeks in Caunes-Minervois and would love to hear recommendations for restaurants in the local area. We do know about the D'Alibert right in Caunes and if anyone has been, would you recommend it?

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  1. I live about 20 minutes from Caunes and have a few restaurant recommendations for you.
    Try Les Meulieres in la Livinière, Restaurant Chabbert in Fauzan, En Bonne Compagnie in Homps, Le Bel Minervois in Olonzac and l'Oustal de Citou in Citou.
    Le Restaurant d'Alibert is good. "Correct" as we say in France. I would give it a try and you'll enjoy meeting Frederic, the Maître D.
    Have a wonderful trip and hope you enjoy le Minervois!

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      Thanks for the recommendations. We are now back from Caunes and greatly enjoyed the area. Our favourite restaurants were Auberge Cote Jardin in Conilhac-Corbieres and Parfums de Garrigues in Maraussan, near Beziers. We did visit the Restaurant D'Alibert and enjoyed the food and also meeting Frederic. Next time we will try some of your other recommendations.

      P.S. If anyone is visiting the area, there are many fascinating wineries to visit - I'd especially recommend Borie de Maurel.

    2. Relais Chantovent in Minerve is very good--refined cuisine, relatively inexpensive, good local wines, warm welcome, lovely view. Enjoy!