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Sep 20, 2011 08:04 AM

Suggestions for an apple picking & winery day trip in SW Michigan

I was hoping to take a little day trip this fall (ideally the second weekend in October) and am looking for tips. I'd like to hit up a couple of wineries that offer tastings and do some apple picking all in the same day. My boyfriend is a bit of an oenophile so I'd like to go someplace where the wines are decently good (Alexis Bailly in Minnesota comes to mind as a comparison for a winery that is not in a traditional wine producing region but still makes stuff that is good in its own right) and perhaps with a bit of ambiance, but I'd definitely take the former over the latter. Same is true for the orchard. Places with cute country stores and what not are always nice but for me lots of grounds to pick and proximity to wineries is preferred.


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  1. You'll get a better response if you post in the Michigan boards.

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      How do I find Michigan Boards, under midwest, there no listing for state boards?

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        If I recall correctly, this topic was originally posted in another forum, and then moved to the Great Lakes forum where it belongs. Her comment, which came right after the topic was created, made sense in its previous forum, but not now that it's been moved. I think there was also a subsequent post in which she clarified that she meant the Great Lakes forum, but it was removed by the moderators when they moved it.

      1. I'm no wine expert, but a few weeks ago a friend and I went to Fenn Valley Winery, which is just up the road from Crane's orchard. Both were good, not great.

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          Cranes orchard is great, and Fenn Valley is pretty good. I'd hit those and then drive the 3 miles to Saugatuck for a nice lunch or dinner, tons of options and neat shops there.

        2. The most comprehensive website for Michigan wineries is I've used that, and its maps, to plan trips to that region. Note that for some of the wineries, in addition to visiting the wineries themselves, you can also try their wines at tasting rooms in the larger towns and/or near interstate interchanges.

          Almost all the wineries have websites where they describe their wines, and the website has links to them. So you can look over what they offer, and find places with the specific types of wine you enjoy, and target them for your trip. That's what I've done; I'm a big fan of dessert wines, and some of the wineries in southwest Michigan produce great ice wines. You'll see a bunch of them clustered in the very southwest corner of the state, and that's where you'll find many of the ice wines.

          1. Coloma is an exit off I-94 which has treats for all. Check out You will find a wonderful orchard and cider mill along with my two favorite wineries, Karma Vista and Contessa. Both wineries are family owned and provide some of the tastiest wines and most beautiful vistas in SW Michigan. Just up the road is the Choclate Garden which offers handmade truffels which are unbelievable. Enjoy our beautiful State!