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Sep 20, 2011 07:32 AM

Berlin - East or DDR Holdover Restaurants?

I've been to Berlin a few times and have had amazing dining experiences there, but I'm wondering if there are any specific restaurants that have survived the fall of the wall on the Eastern side? Any holdovers from the DDR days? Any price range or meal (cafe/restaurant/biergarden) is fair game for me, I know a lot has changed in the last 20 years, but am interested to see what, if anything, has remained (besides the currywurst stand, I know that place has been there forevs).

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  1. Paparazzi - the oldest (and perhaps only) ethnic restaurant in the GDR. It's a pretty decent Italian place on the corner of Danziger / Husemann. Their truffle pasta is something to behold.

    Zum Schusterjungen.... not sure if that place is a holdover or cashing in on Ostalgia. Also on Danziger.

    Pratergarten is Berlin's oldest beergarden, but this is probably not the ideal season for it.

    Anyways. Those are some things that come to mind.

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        What about Zum Lensten Instanz? I think I misspelled the name but Lingua will know what I mean.

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          Zur letzten Instanz, yeah, good point. I totally forgot about that one. I haven't been myself, but it's supposed to be decent.

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            I dined at Zur Letzen Intstanz about 10 years ago. The food was decent, roughly equivalent to what I've ordered at most decent neighbourhood restaurants in Berlin, but Z L I was definitely touristic, with large tour buses parked out front. They cater to tourists.

            Although Marjellchen would've been located on the West part of Berlin (I think-correct me if I'm wrong, but it's just off KuDamm and not too far from KaDeWe) , the atmosphere inside still felt very East German/DDR to me, and the space almost feels lost in time. Maybe the OP would like to check out their online menu. Marjellchen specializes in the traditional foods of East Prussia and Silesia, but also offers some Berliner (as well as Prussian) specialties like Konigsberger Klopse. I liked their Rote Gruetze.

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              We ate at Marjellchen last year on Christmas Day-near Savignyplatz and I concur with your comments on the food. It is good-not spectacular and heavy . It is comfort food and the place is very old fashioned and the owner is very friendly and helpful. .