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Sep 20, 2011 07:17 AM

Help! I Need An Amazing Kosher and Kosher Style Caterer in Los Angles

I am from New Your and I having a big wedding in Encino at my soon to be in-laws house. I need an amazing caterer in Los Angeles that can do Kosher and Kosher style food. I love food and it is going to be a really important part of my reception experience. Please let me know if you have any recommendations.

Thank You!

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  1. Try the Brent's Deli in Northridge for great Kosher style catering. Brent's is one of the best delis in LA.

    Brent's Deli
    19565 Parthenia St, Northridge, CA 91324

    Brent's Deli
    2799 Townsgate Rd, Westlake Village, CA 91361

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      Of course Brent's is "Kosher Style" . If the home that the event is in is Kosher you will probably need to find a Kosher Caterer. I don't know of any but there should be lots in the Encino area or at worst case in the Pico-Robinson area of Mid City. Of course, the food will probably be better from Brent's.

    2. There is also a kosher taco truck in LA - that does weddings.

      I've never had their food, but the reviews are good and it would be a fun thing to offer, I think! Very LA : )

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        We have used this company for just about every type of event. They catered my wedding at the biltmore hotel, they have catered at my families houses for birthdays, bris, shiva the whole gamut. They are good people and can work with different budgets. Give them a call.

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          Royal Catering mentions creating menus for kosher food but not any certification which is unusual. This may or may not be problematic Try this on the Kosher board.

          1. re: SIMIHOUND

            I suggest calling the the Luxe Hotel in Brentwood. They do Kosher events and have a completely Kosher kitchen. Their Kosher events/food are quite good.

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              They are kosher and have certificates and the attending rabbinate inspections. They are well known in the Persian Jewish community and are one of the big caterers. They might not advertise it as to appeal to a wider audience.

              They are also the main caterer for Nessah synagogue, an orthodox temple, in the valley. Trust me on the kosher part my family would not use them otherwise for catering.

              1. re: trojans

                I was just surprised because kosher caterers and restaurants always show the certification boldly on websites and in menus. Someone who is not in the loop would never know that they are kosher.

                1. re: SIMIHOUND


                  It says on the above page that they specialize in Glatt kosher and kosher style catering. In the Persian Jewish community they are very well known and widely used. They might not stress the kosher angle to appeal to a wider market?

                  1. re: trojans

                    Folks, this is where we step in to ask any interested parties to contact the caterer directly to ask if their rabbinical supervision meets your needs. Thanks.

        2. The Caterer at Valley Beth Shalom in Encino also does outside catering. I have been to dozens of events that they have catered including my wedding and have always been impressed. They have kosher cerifications that my wife's orthodox relatives respect.

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          1. re: chuck

            They are glatt kosher which is considered to be the highest standard. They did my wedding which was a lunch event and it was amazing from start to finish. They also make a variety of beautiful tasty wedding cakes in house as well.

          2. Check out Pat's - Fine dining and kosher catering

            9233 W. Pico Blvd.
            Los Angeles, CA 90035

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              I've been to events catered by many different kosher caterers in Los Angeles. Pats (see Geo7's post above) is great, but another option is Judy's on La Brea ave. They are a little less pricey and their food is delicious. I've used them for several events and was very satisfied. I'm sorry I don't have their number offhand but I'm sure you can find it online. Judy's restaurant and catering on La Brea Ave.

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