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Sep 20, 2011 05:51 AM

Estihana, Manhattan Good, Bad or Ugly??????????

I just received a notice that our family foundation is having its quarterly meeting at Estihana the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
I've never been there and am not a fan of Sushi.

I read the Google reviews and they seemed pretty consistent. Sevice is poor to lousy and the food that reaches the table often is quite different from what is described in the menu.

I know that mostly disappointed diners post Google reviews, so I am asking my fellow CH Kosher Board users for some honest feedback.

How is the fleischige food? What should I consider ordering and what should be avoided?

I'll not be ordering cake/desserts so no comments are needed.

Also, PLEASE>>>NO Comments on price/cost or suggestions of alternative restaurants!!!!
The choice has been made by the trustees of the foundation, and I'd attend if it cost $10, $20 or $100.

Thanks for your restricted/focused replies.

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  1. It's ok. I rarely choose to go there myself, but if friends pick it for some reason I don't object. I don't think I've ever been wowed by a dish, but I've never ordered something that I thought was terrible either.

    1. I personally do not like this restaurant but many of our out of town friends want to eat there when they visit us. If you want beef my husband likes the sizzling black pepper steak and the garlic steak. For chicken I like the chi-chi chicken. I have had bad experiences with the sushi there several times.

      1. I really like the sizzling yaki udon noodles with chicken or beef, but they might be a little "slurpy" for a business meeting.

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          Agreed. I also agree with tarsky below that it's a tiny, crowded space at dinner, but I suppose that it's out of your hands.

          In my experience, service is OK, nothing great or terrible, except that they will occasionally hurry you if they've got a line of people waiting for a table. The food is fine. While I haven't liked everything I've had there over the last decade-plus, and have never had a transcendental dining experience there, I'm not sure what might prompt all the online vitriol.

        2. nothing wrong with the place, not great, not bad. i've eaten many of the chicken dishes, my husband usually gets a beef dish, and they are always totally fine. i wouldnt be worried about the dinner at all. its a very tiny space, though, and will likely be crowded if its at dinner time...unless you guys are taking over the whole place.

          1. The meat dumplings are poor, and their ribs are good.