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75th Birthday Brunch - Suggestions Needed for Caterer Westchester County - Scarsdale

My sister and I are hosting a 75th birthday brunch for our father weekend of October 22. The party will be at her new house in Scarsdale. We're looking at about 25-30 people and we need everything - tables, chairs, linens, tableware etc. It doesn't have to be too foodie for this crowd but food has to be really good.

I'm searching the boards too but any suggestions to make life a bit easier would be great.


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  1. I believe Standing Room Only would suit your needs. I have not used them personally but they always get rave reviews on the board.

    1. I have used Silver Spoon Caterers for a similar event and the food and service were great.

      1. Rye Ridge Deli has excellent food and great service as well.

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          I gotta tell ya', the RR Deli is fine for pancakes or a grilled cheese, but I don't think they are at the level for a 75th birthday where they are renting chairs, linens etc...Sounds a little more upscale than the RR deli. ( We eat there, so I'm not bashing...just sayin')

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            Good point - I was just recommending them for their food alone. Yeah they're definitely more suited to a casual event. Sometimes I'm a little remiss when I think of upscale! (I'm a mom of two boys under 3, so anytime that I don't have to cook, it's pure sweet luxury!) :o)

        2. Corner Stone Catering in Rye on Milton Rd. I've usd them several times.. very very good food..

          1. Standing Room Only is good and for tables, chairs, etc, I have used Alperson. Reasonable and reliable.


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              +1 for Alperson for tables and chairs - used them for my son's 1st birthday party and they were affordable and reliable too.

            2. Last time I had a family event in my home, I went with Balducci's and it was quite good. I was reluctant to use them because of their ups and downs since their Hayday haydays, but a trusted friend suggested I give them a try and I'm glad I did. The dishes were not too "foodie" but were well-prepared, fresh and quite tasty. The catering manager was a doll (don't remember his name). Extremely accommodating and had great suggestions to satisfy many different palates.
              I don't know if they can help you with the non-food stuff but it's worth asking if you decide to contact them.
              For what it's worth, I've never been a fan of SRO's food, and I think the staff is less than helpful.

              1. Thanks all. I'm waiting on a callback from Corner Stone and spoke with Silver Spoon who are putting together a proposal. A few other companies I'd appreciate feedback on if anyone has worked with them or attended one of their events. They are:

                Caperberry in White Plains (full service caterer - awaiting proposal)
                Tastefully Yours in Briarcliff Manor (not contacted yet)
                Jean Jacques in Pleasantville (not contacted yet)
                Scarborough Fair Catering, Bronxville (not contacted yet)

                We are looking at a fairly traditional brunch buffet but high quality food - omelet station, pancakes or waffles, smoked fish and bagels, salads, desserts etc. and one stop shopping (food, tables, chairs, linens, flatware, plates, glasses, set up and breakdown, staff etc.) is also preferable.

                Also, I haven't decided if we'll handle the cake ourselves or have the caterer do it but any input on cakes from any of the above would be great. I am currently thinking perhaps Riviera in Ardsley or Lulu's if we do ourselves but haven't used either.

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                  We just did a similar event and used Smith Party Rentals out of Greenwich. Their gear was just nicer then all the other companies we looked at. We did the rentals ourselves and the caterer did the food and staff/help. Used caperberry out of white plains. Their price was fair for the food we had. (food was great by the way) heavy passed canapes and such. do not skimp on the quantity of plates and glassware. 1 per person is not enough unless you hire dishwashers!

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                    Riviera's cakes just LOOK good-no flavor. Try Martine's in Tuckahoe. Cakes are both flavorful and well decorated.

                  2. Classic Caterers - they are situated in Rockland County but they cater all over! call them for suggestions.

                    I know they just did an 80th birthday celebration in Westchester last week!

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                      Thanks smilingal but Classic is kosher and we don't require that so don't need to pay the premium for a kosher event. That said, my mom would be thrilled if we did kosher but it's not her party and the 75th birthday boy loves his pork products : )

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                        the price could be comparable - but the pork can't be!

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                          so who did you end up going with?

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                            Still deciding. Will keep you posted! Want to find out more - recommendations or not - about Sugar Bee if I can but Silver Spoon and Corner Stone look most interesting at the moment.

                            Silver Spoon Restaurant & Bar
                            124 Main St, Cold Spring, NY 10516

                    2. Hey all - one more question - anyone have input on Sugar Bee catering in Larchmont? Someone recommended them to my sister. Thanks.

                      1. I can recommend AB Catering. Anne Booth Caterering. They are well suited to exactly this type of event. She also has the option of using local farm raised pork and beef for her dishes. We have used her before and have been thrilled with the food and the service each and every time. She works out of Mt Vernon.

                        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. For various reasons we have decided to go with Silver Spoon. Special shout out to otisman for that. So far, so good. Craig has been a pleasure to work with, extremely responsive - prompt, accommodating and helpful. Will let you all know how it goes after the party.