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Sep 20, 2011 01:26 AM

Coke for breakfast?

A friend of mine, who happens to be American, recently casually let slip that her morning beverage of choice is a glass of coke. I will admit to being completely surprised, in fact at first I thought she was joking. But no, she said she has always done it.

Personally I can't imagine drinking something cold, sweet and fizzy first thing in the morning, but if others want to then I'll leave them to it! It got me wondering whether this is common. Is it a habit associated with a particular area of America? Is only coke acceptable or can any carbonated drink be consumed?

I am very curious and would love to hear other people's carbonated breakfast confessions - bucks fizz, mimosa and other brunch cocktails need not be mentioned as I have heard of them! (Plus they are not exactly daily breakfast fare...well, for most people!)

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  1. Fairly common for people who don't drink coffee and still want caffeine in the morning. We drink a TON of soda in America, Im sure it plays a large part in the spread of obesity and diabetes.

    1. my mom has had a Coke for breakfast as long as I can remember (she's 100 lbs soaking wet, by the way) -- her view is that it's caffeine, sugar, and acid first thing in the morning and that other than temperature it's no different than coffee....which tends to shut people up quickly. (she's in great shape, so obesity/diabetes is a non-issue for her)

      It's not a regional thing -- and not common, but not unusual.

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        Whoa! It's a LOT different than coffee! Check out the sodium content!

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          according to, a 20-ounce bottle has 75g of sodium -- 3% of the RDA for a normal adult. *shrug*

          I've never seen her finish off a 20-ounce bottle in an entire *day* -- so 1-2% isn't really a big deal.

      2. Its 6:10am, still dark outside, and I'm enjoying a glass of diet pepsi.
        Coke had been my soft drink of choice for many years (including for breakfast), but I switched to diet pepsi quite some time ago.
        I don't see why so many people find this odd (the drink, not the switch). Then again, I never drank a cup of coffee in my life - people might think this odd as well.

        I live in Canada.
        Although I'm guessing the US might lead the way on soda consumption per capita, I don't think they are the leaders on soda for breakfast. On my various trips to Mexico, and less often to Latin America, ice cold soda (in glass bottles and made with cane sugar I might add) are always on offer at the breakfast carts in the street. No one blinks an eye when ordering una coca at 7:30am (or fanta or sprite). Not only that, you'd be joining the majority of the patrons at the cart. I'm thinking everyone standing around the cart with a fist full of torta or taco, from hardened labourer to guy with suit-and-tie to dumbass traveller, can't imagine drinking something hot, tart, and flat first thing in the morning.

        1. I don't usually drink Coke, but I have to confess that when I was pregnant with my second child, I craved it for a few months at breakfast. It settled my stomach and gave me a bit of caffeine when I couldn't bring myself to drink coffee.

          1. Not unusual at all. I have a diet coke in the morning, usually when I get to work which is pretty early. I know lots of people, including myself that hate coffee. Love the smell of coffee, can't stand the taste no matter how much cream and sugar you use.

            ETA: when I drink something warm/hot, my mind goes into "comfy mode" with the thought of jammies and going to sleep. Drinking something cold wakes me up.